INTACT Men Photo Collection Call for Submissions

By now, you have probably seen the previous photo collections of intact men. 2017’s photos were quite splendid, in fact.

I love the intact penis, & I love showing intact men on my blog. However, I am NOT interested in the typical “dick pic”. For the photo collections on my blog (& in my book), I have serious standards that the photos must meet.

If you want to submit photos for my blog, these are the rules. NO EXCEPTIONS. Photos should be sent to intact @ trishcausey . com (remove spaces).

  • MUST BE 21+. Photo must be of you and submitted by you, and YOU must be 21 years of age or older, regardless of where you live in the world. In your email, STATE YOUR NAME & DATE OF BIRTH. Use AMERICAN style: month, day, year. A February 9, 1990, birthday would be written 02-09-1990.
  • CLOSE-UP , MR. DEMILLE. Photo must be a close-up of your penis and testicles, or of your body somewhere from your navel to above your knees, i.e., your face should not be in the pic.
  • TRIFECTA: Multiple photos are permissible to show the way the foreskin moves/changes in different states: flaccid, partially aroused, & fully erect. No cum shots.
  • NATURAL LIGHT. Photos should be taken in natural light with NO FLASH. Using flash does NOT make your penis look inviting. (Sorry, but that’s the truth.) Take the pic near a window, outside in the woods or other place where you won’t be arrested for indecent exposure.
  • HI-RES. Higher resolution is better — at least 300dpi.
  • MY WAY. Photo may be edited by me for size, color tone, etc.
  • FIREBRAND. My site’s color scheme is fire colors: red, orange, black, with hints of purple. Try to keep background items (sheet, towel, etc.) in my site’s color scheme. If taking the pic outside, nature’s colors are fine.
  • CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. Make sure there is no clutter on nearby tables, bookshelves, desks. Clean up any piles of laundry, wash dishes in the sink, etc. If in doubt, take a pic of the area, & then look at your space in the pic. You’ll be surprised at what you become oblivious to in your home.

I adore sensuality.  Crude porn shots is NOT what I’m looking for. 

If in doubt as to tone and ambiance, PLEASE view the 2017 collection or the INTACT book sample.  I want to honor the natural male and his intact penis.





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