Twin Flames: Dream – My DM & I Are Stuck

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Copyright 2018 by Trish Causey.

September 15, 2018

DREAM: My Divine Masculine (DM) was sitting in a red sports car convertible, facing me, looking at me through his sunglasses. I was standing across from him; the sidewalk was between us. I wanted to go to him, and I could feel he wanted to come toward me, but neither one of us could move.

INTERPRETATION: The red represents the Root Chakra. The convertible aspect tells me he is opening his Crown Chakra/mind/perception to new spirituality concepts. (Or I hope.) He was parked, so wasn’t going anywhere. And with the sidewalk between us, there are still blocks that we each need to clear/work on that deal with security & stability. (The sexy part of the Root Chakra is just fine between us.)




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