Twin Flames: Dream – I Think My DM Is Having His Spiritual Awakening

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Copyright 2018 by Trish Causey.

September 16, 2018

DREAM: I was standing backstage of a show that was at intermission. The stage was pre-set for Act II, and a man (my Divine Masculine, a.k.a. DM) lay on the stage floor with his arms folded under his head (his head toward DS, feet toward US). He was motionless.

I wanted another vantage point, so I moved to the Down-DownStage space between the DownStage tormenter/leg & the brick wall.

I sat on the floor with my legs folded in lotus position. I noticed the stage lights were spilling onto my left knee (which was bare – why was I wearing a skirt?). Normally, I’m fanatical about watching for sightlines, but I didn’t care. I sat there. I looked at the guy laying on the stage. He still hadn’t moved.

Then I noticed the curtain was open – which is odd for a big musical, to have an open curtain. The announcer then came over the house speakers but didn’t give the usual “Turn your cell phone off/No photos or video” spiel. He said, “And all the way from Sydney….” He kept talking, but I don’t remember what he said because I was thoroughly confused by what I saw.

Just then, sitting at the ends of the rows & along the entire front row were people wearing tunics & leggings & HUGE feathered angel wings. They started singing & dancing & basically doing a conga line around the theatre.

I looked at the guy on the stage, & he was moving his head, as if he were waking up & clearing his head.

Just then, the scene changed to a gray, stormy background on a mobile device. In the upper left area was a round profile pic with a white border (very similar to SnapChat). There were several photos that fanned out – out of the way. The last pic was of my DM in a tux – black coat & bowtie, white dress shirt, & a boutonnière. It seemed like a wedding tux. I freaked out & woke up.

INTERPRETATION: I think my DM is beginning to wake up, to connect spiritually, to listen to his spirit guides/guardian angels/archangels, even if he doesn’t know all the verbiage. I hope that he is researching. I planted enough seeds in my email to give him a starting point for research.