Dream: Getting My Debut Album Funded (& Then Some!)

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September 18, 2018

After the feedback from my video & talking with my fellow Divine Feminine friend, Michele, I detached from my DM on SnapChat, telling him the door of communication was always open….. I had 3 dreams, but I only remember 1 of them. Was awakened suddenly by a loud noise.

DREAM: I was in a desert area with mountains in the background. Set up in an arc in front of me were 10 keyboard/synthesizers. Several men telling me how to write my music – would be better in a certain key, etc. Also telling me that canned music would be fine for my album. My violist friend Morgan was there (he didn’t say anything, but, of course, he would want to get live musicians, too). With my left hand, I played a note with each finger, holding down the chord & heard the entire group of synthesizers play. I stood up & said, “No, I will do my music my way.” And I left.

Next thing I know, I realize that I’ve raised millions of dollars for my album. Then a man – older man with a beer-gut wearing a tangerine orange shirt, long shorts, with hair that was gray & short, he had a kind look about him – offered me more money – for a total of $6 million for my album. I had raised $6 million in 2 days!!! I couldn’t believe this. He assured me it was true. And I hugged him. Dream end. ….. Not sure if he were a spirit guide.

INTERPRETATION: The desert & Morgan clearly indicate L.A. The men telling me how to do my music represents a lot of people (men) who’ve tried to tell me how to do my album. I don’t like what most of them have said. Clearly, me following my instincts & learned knowledge about this process is the way to go. They are not accustomed to working with orchestral, non-rock/non-country music, so they are clueless about me & my style anyway. Being true to myself is the right path.