Quick Check-in: Don’t Get Mad. I’m Not a One-Trick Pony.

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Copyright 2018 by Trish Causey.
I’ve heard it my whole life. “Focus on one thing.” Well, I’m a Libra, so that’s just not gonna happen. 😛

I am a polymath. Not only am I interested in a zillion different topics, I just happen to be very talented in a number of areas as well. I follow my bliss. Sometimes that works out, & sometimes that kicks me in the ass. Either way, I will always be true to myself & where my heart is led in the moment.

So one day, I’m spending 8 hours working on a music score; the next day, I’m spending 12 hours on my intactivism. The next day, I’m researching yoga or getting deeper into my Tantra training, or maybe reading up on physics or philosophy or learning Irish Gaelic.

The worst mistake you can make is to try & squeeze me into a box. And yes, I know. People want to know what they’re getting when they come to my blog or my YouTube or my Instagram — blah, blah, blah.

Here’s what you’ll get when you land on my website, my blog, or my social media: ME.

Whatever is at the forefront of my heart, mind, & soul in that moment is exactly what you’ll see. Full transparency. Just me being me. And THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. 🙂