TWIN FLAMES: Light Language, Glitter Skin, Hives, & Other Ascension Symptoms on My Body

* Let me preface this post by saying I know this will sound absolutely whackadoo. If I weren’t living it 24/7, I wouldn’t believe it either; but the dreams & now the physical symptoms are too much for me to deny. *

December 1, 2018

I just got out of the shower & was listening to a couple of YouTube videos in my room. I noticed that I started to sit a little hunched over, then my torso bent forward. It felt as if someone were behind me, pushing down with their hands on my back. This lasted a minute or so.

Out of the blue, my legs & back started itching like crazy. I scratched my legs & hips, wondering if I’d been set upon by a swarm of invisible ants or spiders because I didn’t see anything crawling around that could have caused the sudden itching. Knowing that itching can be an ascension symptom along the Twin Flame journey, I didn’t think much about it.

NOTE: Ascension symptoms are various indicators & ailments in the physical that occur in Lightworkers, such as rashes, hives, flu-like symptoms, ringing in the ears, scratches & other marks, lethargy, exhaustion, insomnia, & many others. I will have to do an article on ascension symptoms later because it is a complex subject that is outside the scope of this post.

Anyhoo…. Back to the story….

The itching had abated for a minute, when my lower back suddenly felt like it was on fire. This was painful! I went back into the bathroom & saw these scratch marks on my back. I’ve never had marks on my body like these. The marks were 1/4” wide & 3” to 4” long; and they were raised up about 1/4”.

Marks on my back that appeared spontaneously. The photos’ brightness & contrast settings have been altered so the marks can be seen more easily. ~ trish

I don’t have these marks anywhere else on my body. I then scratched my skin on purpose to attempt to recreate them, just in case I did it without realizing it. In my mind, I knew I hadn’t made these scratches because I keep my nails very short so as not to scratch my prostate during solo sex. However, I couldn’t recreate these welts, nor could I get the marks as up-and-down as these were – my scratches were more diagonal from me trying to reach around to my back, & my scratches disappeared completely within 60 seconds. I couldn’t help but wonder what the heck is going on?

Physical symptoms are common for Twin Flames & other Lightworkers. Another kind of ascension symptom that is almost a badge of honor is known as “glitter skin”. This shimmery, glittery look to the skin is brought on by the upgrades as — wait for it….. — our carbon-based meat-suit is changing to our crystalline (or “Christed”) light body…. Don’t ask me, just Google it.

The glitter skin is easier to see in person or in a video . ~ trish

Of all the ascension symptoms I’ve had, I thought I was ready for anything, but these marks on my back that looked like scratch marks were just plain odd — & very painful.

I posted about this in a Facebook group because – not gonna lie – I was freaked out. A friend mentioned that the marks might be Light Language coming through as a means of activating certain light codes that have been coming in, a.k.a light body integration. I remembered that I’d listened to a couple of light language videos the night before & earlier that day. The light codes are also upgrading our DNA…. Yeah, you read that correctly…. DNA upgrades – to the 12-strand…. Yes, you read that correctly…. 12 strands of DNA, not just 2…. Seriously, just Google it….

On November 10th, I posted a pic in the Facebook group of the dots that showed up on my forehead in October & hadn’t gone away. Someone else had posted a pic of 6 people with 2 similar dots on their skin, most of them were on their arms. These “dots” look like needle marks; they are red & raised up (& later form scabs), all of which are very easy to feel. Their 2 dots looked just like mine. My 2 dots were about 1 inch apart, so they were too far apart to be a spider bite – but not big enough for a vampire bite. 😛

After much input in the comments, these 2 dots that people are getting on various parts of their bodies apparently happen when getting an upgrade of light codes and/or DNA. I mentioned that I’d experienced the same on my forehead – during the last week of October, just coincidentally when I came into physical union with my Divine Masculine right before Samhain. And so here they are again, possibly because of the New Moon & the 11-11-11 energy. Also, for the record, I have never had a zit/pimple, & I’m not prone to any sort of breakout on my forehead – food allergies show up around my mouth & chin. So this is …… odd.

Also, around the time of my physical union with my DM, I had detected 3 dots on the side of my right hip that were spaced about an inch-and-a-half apart. I noticed that they the third dot was slightly off from the other 2. I instantly thought of the pyramids at Giza, which is home to the Great Pyramid, & are aligned with the stellar constellation of the Orion Belt. The 3 dots on my hip matched that pyramid alignment perfectly. I’m not sure if this is about the Egyptian goddesses who watch after me or a reference to my MerKaBa, which comprises 2 pyramid-looking tetrahedrons with 3 sides each.

Now, look, y’all…. My father was a physicist, a college Physics instructor, & a scientist for the government for 20+ years. I grew up entrenched in the scientific method & logical/critical thinking. This is a lot for me to take in intellectually. Even when it doesn’t sense, I can’t deny the ascension symptoms I’m experiencing with my own body. What I’m saying is – if I didn’t see it & feel it happening to me, I don’t know that I’d believe it – except that a big part of this soul journey is believing in order to “see”.





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