TWIN FLAMES: Light Language, Glitter Skin, Hives, & Other Ascension Symptoms on My Body

* Let me preface this post by saying I know this will sound absolutely whackadoo. If I weren’t living it 24/7, I wouldn’t believe it either; but the dreams & now the physical symptoms are too much for me to deny. *

December 1, 2018

I just got out of the shower & was listening to a couple of YouTube videos in my room. I noticed that I started to sit a little hunched over, then my torso bent forward. It felt as if someone were behind me, pushing down with their hands on my back. This lasted a minute or so.

Out of the blue, my legs & back started itching like crazy. I scratched my legs & hips, wondering if I’d been set upon by a swarm of invisible ants or spiders because I didn’t see anything crawling around that could have caused the sudden itching. Knowing that itching can be an ascension symptom along the Twin Flame journey, I didn’t think much about it.

NOTE: Ascension symptoms are various indicators & ailments in the physical that occur in Lightworkers, such as rashes, hives, flu-like symptoms, ringing in the ears, scratches & other marks, lethargy, exhaustion, insomnia, & many others. I will have to do an article on ascension symptoms later because it is a complex subject that is outside the scope of this post.

Anyhoo…. Back to the story….

The itching had abated for a minute, when my lower back suddenly felt like it was on fire. This was painful! I went back into the bathroom & saw these scratch marks on my back. I’ve never had marks on my body like these. The marks were 1/4” wide & 3” to 4” long; and they were raised up about 1/4”.

Marks on my back that appeared spontaneously. The photos’ brightness & contrast settings have been altered so the marks can be seen more easily. ~ trish

I don’t have these marks anywhere else on my body. I then scratched my skin on purpose to attempt to recreate them, just in case I did it without realizing it. In my mind, I knew I hadn’t made these scratches because I keep my nails very short so as not to scratch my prostate during solo sex. However, I couldn’t recreate these welts, nor could I get the marks as up-and-down as these were – my scratches were more diagonal from me trying to reach around to my back, & my scratches disappeared completely within 60 seconds. I couldn’t help but wonder what the heck is going on?

Physical symptoms are common for Twin Flames & other Lightworkers. Another kind of ascension symptom that is almost a badge of honor is known as “glitter skin”. This shimmery, glittery look to the skin is brought on by the upgrades as — wait for it….. — our carbon-based meat-suit is changing to our crystalline (or “Christed”) light body…. Don’t ask me, just Google it.

The glitter skin is easier to see in person or in a video . ~ trish

Of all the ascension symptoms I’ve had, I thought I was ready for anything, but these marks on my back that looked like scratch marks were just plain odd — & very painful.

I posted about this in a Facebook group because – not gonna lie – I was freaked out. A friend mentioned that the marks might be Light Language coming through as a means of activating certain light codes that have been coming in, a.k.a light body integration. I remembered that I’d listened to a couple of light language videos the night before & earlier that day. The light codes are also upgrading our DNA…. Yeah, you read that correctly…. DNA upgrades – to the 12-strand…. Yes, you read that correctly…. 12 strands of DNA, not just 2…. Seriously, just Google it….

On November 10th, I posted a pic in the Facebook group of the dots that showed up on my forehead in October & hadn’t gone away. Someone else had posted a pic of 6 people with 2 similar dots on their skin, most of them were on their arms. These “dots” look like needle marks; they are red & raised up (& later form scabs), all of which are very easy to feel. Their 2 dots looked just like mine. My 2 dots were about 1 inch apart, so they were too far apart to be a spider bite – but not big enough for a vampire bite. 😛

After much input in the comments, these 2 dots that people are getting on various parts of their bodies apparently happen when getting an upgrade of light codes and/or DNA. I mentioned that I’d experienced the same on my forehead – during the last week of October, just coincidentally when I came into physical union with my Divine Masculine right before Samhain. And so here they are again, possibly because of the New Moon & the 11-11-11 energy. Also, for the record, I have never had a zit/pimple, & I’m not prone to any sort of breakout on my forehead – food allergies show up around my mouth & chin. So this is …… odd.

Also, around the time of my physical union with my DM, I had detected 3 dots on the side of my right hip that were spaced about an inch-and-a-half apart. I noticed that they the third dot was slightly off from the other 2. I instantly thought of the pyramids at Giza, which is home to the Great Pyramid, & are aligned with the stellar constellation of the Orion Belt. The 3 dots on my hip matched that pyramid alignment perfectly. I’m not sure if this is about the Egyptian goddesses who watch after me or a reference to my MerKaBa, which comprises 2 pyramid-looking tetrahedrons with 3 sides each.

Now, look, y’all…. My father was a physicist, a college Physics instructor, & a scientist for the government for 20+ years. I grew up entrenched in the scientific method & logical/critical thinking. This is a lot for me to take in intellectually. Even when it doesn’t sense, I can’t deny the ascension symptoms I’m experiencing with my own body. What I’m saying is – if I didn’t see it & feel it happening to me, I don’t know that I’d believe it – except that a big part of this soul journey is believing in order to “see”.





  1. I’m glad I found your blog. Today marks the tenth anniversary of my awakening, and about three months ago—through my Akashic Records—I learned I was a twin. I have unexplained marks on my lower hip and left arm. Two dots on both. My skin has been dry and itchy. My head feels like it’s going to explode. My left ear hasn’t stopped ringing. My chakras literally feel like they’re expanding, and as out there as this may sound, I feel like something is coming through my shoulder blades. I know I’m not growing wings but heaven knows that’s what it feels like. Can you recall how long it was between these symptoms and meeting. My higher self is firm in the assertion that it’s happening in 12 days. I just know the ascension symptoms you described in your blog ramped up heavily yesterday and today. I haven’t been able to find much alone about twin ascension symptoms or the markings, so even if it’s years later, thank you.

  2. Hello! The pain in the shoulder blades can be a few different things. Wouldn’t know for sure unless we did a session. As for meeting your counterpart, that can vary due to jumping timelines as well as their Free Will on their side of the journey. And there’s a lot of “smoke & mirrors” here in Earth School. First, I’d make sure the guidance you’re receiving is actually your Higher Self. I’ve never heard of a HS giving such specific time/dates before. I have a “past-life regression for soulmates” special that includes healing connections & timelines. Lemme know if you want more info on what I offer. Thank you for leaving a comment! ~ trish