Foreskin Faery Costume Fitting

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Copyright 2018 by Trish Causey.

Taking a break from the seriousness that usually pervades my intactivism (I don’t play, y’all), I wanted to share a fun moment I had when I began putting my Foreskin Faery outfit together.

For the Foreskin Faery, I wanted a character that is friendly & happy. Why? Because I LOVE TALKING ABOUT FORESKIN! I love talking about foreskin anatomy, its functions, its necessity for remaining attached to a male’s penis, as well as just how darn pretty the foreskin is! …. #Swoon

I also wanted to create a persona that would appeal to men. Why? Because 77% of men in this country are circumcised, & the only way I think we’re really going to change their minds about circumcision is to cloak the Trojan Horse of Intactivism — I mean, the Foreskin Faery — in some wrapping they’ll like. And a purple, glittery corset seemed perfect! 🙂 (I’ve also heard that American men like breasts.)

So, with no editing or filters to hide all my flaws, here’s a small gallery of pics from the day my corset arrived. I have since found a skirt to wear, so fret not — I won’t be parading around major cities in only a corset. (My dream is to be arrested for civil disobedience, not indecent exposure!)


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