Twin Flames Sex Chakra Class 12-08-2018

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If you’re a Twin Flame, you may have noticed some extra activity going on between your legs that kinda came out of nowhere. Got buzzing or energy zings? Any insane throbbing you don’t know what to do with? Are you thinking of sex constantly to the point you can’t get any task you’re working on actually completed? Is your period way off what it used to be?

Welcome to Ascension! …. Again! … Yep, another level of craziness in the physical is happening because of the gateways of 11-11-11 (11-11-2018), the Full Moon in Gemini, & the fact that physical union is near for so many. And guess what? We’re not done! There’s the 11-29-2018 (11-11-11) gateway, the New Moon on 12-07, the Winter Solstice on 12-21, & then another Full Moon on 12-22. So how are you gonna handle all this extra sexual energy? Well, plain ol’ friggin’ off isn’t gonna work. (Trust me.)


I’m hosting a class to help Twin Flames (DF or DM) to deal with the sexual energies that are showing up in the physical for just $22. This TWIN FLAME SEX CHAKRA CLASS class on December 8, 2018, will be done via Facebook Live in a special Facebook group for this class. Once you pay http//, message me via Facebook so I can add you to the group.

Can’t make it? I will host another one December 11, 2018 (12-11-2018). Tell me which class you want to participate in when you message me.


Ascension is as physical a process as it is spiritual. And the physical includes the body AND sex. Pleasure is our birthright, & orgasm is a natural connection to the higher dimensions. Sex energy IS healing energy. Utilizing the sex energy you are feeling can be a powerful way to assist your own ascension as well as your TF’s.

The truth is, most of us have experienced trauma physically and/or sexually. These traumas require intense healing that needs to be done in the body, & it can be done while we are working on our spiritual self. Wounding in the physical needs to be healed in the physical. I can help with that healing process while opening the body & spirit to the sensual pleasures that are truly “as above, so below”. (For a full program on sexual awakening & healing, see my program AWESOM: AWakening Energy & Sound Orgasm Meditation.)

So even if what you’re feeling isn’t old trauma, it could be old karma surfacing now in the sex chakra so that you can close out old experiences, old timelines, & heal your Self so you can move forward.

And if what you’re experiencing is heightened sexual energy because of your Twin Flame, then perhaps you could use some techniques to help you ENJOY these feelings while also being able to focus on your tasks at hand.

In the class, I draw on my knowledge as a Tantrika, a Sex & Relationships Coach, & certified Holistic Life Coach to help you with what you’re experiencing. I’ll go over the anatomy, various sexual techniques to help with the energy zings, food & drink recommendations, as well as a 5-minute full-body workout you can do to “burn off” some of that energy when you’re not at home. Expect this class to last at least an hour, maybe two. I want us to have plenty of time for Q&A.

Just pay through Cash app, then message me via Facebook. I really look forward to helping you along on your journey to union!