DREAM: Divine Masculine – Ferocious Lion Or a Big Puppy?

November 21, 2018


I was in a place that had lions in the wild, perhaps the Serengeti? I felt like other people were nearby, but I didn’t see them.

Ahead of me was a male lion, his arms & legs looked strong, & his mane was as beautiful & wild as he was. As the Lion came toward me, he was majestic & awe-inspiring. I’m a Wolf lover myself, but this Lion took my breath away. He walked with purpose; & while I should have been scared about a lion approaching me, I wasn’t afraid. I was calm & actually looking forward to whatever was going to happen when he reached me.

Suddenly, he plopped down on the ground in front of me & began rolling around in the dirt. Without hesitation, I scratched his back. He wiggled around like a big puppy, loving the back scratch. He was so happy – I think he even smiled during all this.


These Divine Masculines may be coming into their ferocious Emperor energy, but really, they’re big softies inside who just want to be loved & cared for. Love your Divine Other with ALL. YOUR. HEART.




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