Twin Flames 101: The Craziest Love Story You Will Ever Hear

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Where do I even begin? …. To talk about being a Twin Flame is to walk a tightrope between some farfetched, saccharin-sweet romance novel and a one-way ticket to a psych ward. (No offense to anyone in a psych ward.)

What constitutes a “Twin Flame” can vary slightly according to whom you ask, but there are some common ground rules that form the basis of the Twin Flame experience. In general, a Twin Flame is a type of Lightworker that is one soul incarnated into two bodies with the sole, soul purpose of raising the consciousness of Earth through unconditional love. (Are ya still with me?)

Let me put this in realistic terms, i.e., sans woo-woo.

As a lifelong pagan/bohemian/non-conformist, I’ve known plenty of “lightworkers”. Not one of them ever inspired me to want to join their ranks. They were either so far off into their own mental-scape of “light work” that conversations were nigh on impossible (they were often under the influence of mind-altering substances). Or they were miserable in their relationships and their jobs. They were usually dirt poor and generally unhappy – all while being annoyingly goody two shoes about how they were enlightened and living the “true” path.

As a born and bred Mississippian, I’ve seen more than my fair share of hypocrites when it comes to anything religious or spiritual. Therefore, being of “the light” held no interest to me. I was very happy in my natural vocation as a tree-worshippin’, garden-growin’, animal-rescuin’, moon-howlin’, drum-circle-on-the-beach-belly-dancin’, sensual pagan-witch. Thank yuh, thank yuh vurry very much.

This changed in 2017.

The man of my dreams found me. Literally. He first came to me in a dream in 1991 – and a couple of times thereafter. When he messaged me on Instagram in March 2017, I didn’t realize who he was at first. One part of the Twin Flame theory holds that you will know your Divine Counterpart when you look in their eyes, or when you touch them. The energy between you two will send zaps and zings coursing through your veins, and – poof! – you’ll know they’re “the one”. I had no idea that this guy in my inbox was the man who was destined to be my true love. I knew we were connected. I knew I wanted to jump his sexy bones like white on rice. I just didn’t fully understand the entirety of our connection … until later.

In August 2017, the realization of who he is happened in an instant one fateful night, and that connection has propelled me forward ever since. He and I are Twin Flames, a rare and unique existence destined by the stars and Source Energy to be the wayshowers of love and peace and anchor in the idyllic bliss of fifth-dimensional New Earth, – and it’s fucking miserable.

Here are a few of the finer points of this bat-shit crazy existence.



Steeped in mystery and misinformation as only the internet can configure, the Twin Flame journey just might be the most unique path of awakening and love that is only experienced by a select group of people. Twin Flames are one soul that inhabits two bodies in order to be the example of unconditional love on Earth and raise the consciousness of the human collective from the third-dimensional matrix to fifth-dimensional unity consciousness. Mouth-breathers need not apply.

Twin Flames know each other by their energy; the twins will resonate at a certain frequency that only the two of them share. Think of it like turning the dial on an old-fashioned radio. A jazz station belts out American Songbook gems at 88.8 FM, while a rock station keeps the guitar-driven 4/4 beat kicking at 111.1 FM. You wouldn’t expect to hear KISS at the 88.8 station, nor would you expect Ella Fitzgerald to be crooning tunes at 111.1.

Your true twin resonates at a specific energy – at your energy, and you will feel it.



The person with the more masculine energy is the Divine Masculine, and the other person with the more feminine energy is the Divine Feminine. Physical gender is irrelevant; it’s about energy. (How many times do we have to say this?)



For every rare person who is a true Twin Flame, there are a zillion Twin Flame look-alikes and wannabes who can confuse you on your path of awakening. These people get categorized into several camps, such as soulmates, false twins, and catalyst twins.

A soulmate is a soul connection who matches you in your interests and experiences, and while you could be happy with a soulmate, you probably won’t learn a lot from them at a soul level. A false twin is a person whom you think is your true twin but will show their true colors at some point, letting you know in no uncertain terms that they are in fact a false twin. A catalyst twin is a soulmate who is preparing you for your actual Twin Flame.

So how do you tell the difference? The soulmate is the easiest – they don’t bug you; but you don’t grow much either. The false twin and the catalyst will necessitate spiritual growth, but the false twin will likely leave you feeling resentful whereas a lesson via a catalyst may leave you feeling thankful.

Your real Twin Flame will trigger the bejeezus out of you, but you will always love them unconditionally because they are you in another body. No matter how many times you two argue, trigger each other, or go your separate ways, you will always come back together just like a moth repeatedly drawn to a flame. Twin Flames are destined to be together in this lifetime. Getting there, however, is a pain in the ass.



Twin Flames begin in separation, as designed by a soul agreement we apparently made before incarnating in this carbon-based meat-suit this lifetime on Earth. Each of us has feminine and masculine energy within us, and a big part of this Twin Flame journey is to bring those yin-yang polarities into balance – into unity – within. Therefore, the majority of the pre-union Twin Flame hullabaloo is spent apart until such time that each of us has done enough work on clearing the mounds of stinking codswallop from our past so that we are on the same wavelength in our development.

The trick to staying sane in separation is to keep your personal vibration high. Keep yourself occupied with tasks that fulfill you. Meditate, dance, sing, and be happy. You don’t want any negative energy that will make your vibration low, so this is not a good time to watch horror movies or listen to country songs.



Whoa, Nelly. Back it on up, sister. The Twin Flame journey is anything but romantic. Not all Twin Flames are meant to be in intimate relationships, and even the ones that are destined to be sexual go through a series of trials by fire just to get into union.

This is no luxury cruise to exotic destinations with a spa retreat where minions massage away your troubles and bring you scrumptious designer chocolates on a silver platter at your beck and call. Oh, no. This is a wretched, overgrown, mosquito-infested swampy vortex of savage self-examination that requires you to slog your way through the muck and the mire of old karma, past life baggage, parasitic ancestral ties, and your own pre-awakening fuck-ups.

So put that dime-store romance novel back on the shelf and prepare yourself for your first of many dark nights of the soul.



A quaint little term coined by 16th-century, Spanish monk St. John of the Cross, a “dark night of the soul” is essentially a point in your life where everything you know and love goes horribly wrong in a gut-wrenching, veritable shit-storm of misfortune that will typically uproot you from your job, your partner, your relationships, and other cozy, karmic attachments that no longer serve you.

Often called “Tower moments” due to the similarity in meaning of the XVI Tower card in the Tarot deck, the dark night of the soul is a straight-up painful experience that knocks you on your ass while your fortress of familiarities comes crumbling down around you, leaving you staring at the rubble and pondering how you will ever put it all back together. The secret is – you can’t. The Tower has come down for a reason, and you cannot build a new castle with damaged pieces on a broken foundation. As you lose your job, lose your home, get evicted, get divorced, block your family on social media, and move across the country, you will be positively befuddled, bemusing what the hell happened to your once o’, so predictable life.

Just as the Tower is a dismantling of the old paradigm and an awakening to enlightenment, each dark night of the soul purges whatever is blocking your union with your Twin Flame and forces you to reassess what is actually important to you in your life and your soul mission. Trust me. After you’ve been through a few of these dark nights of the soul, you will no longer ask the Universe, “Why me?” When shit hits the fan, you merely mumble, “What now?”



Without a doubt, the worst part of the Twin Flame journey is the Runner/Chaser phase – or phases, as it usually happens several times.

The Runner is the clueless twin (usually the Divine Masculine), who avoids the reality of the Twin Flame dynamic. In the beginning, when he doesn’t know anything about this Twin Flame thing, he likely thinks his life is falling apart for some inexplicable reason, which confounds him. Being a Masculine, the DM naturally assumes he can fix everything in his life by himself. Several “dark nights of the soul” later, he finally realizes there’s something more to the physical and emotional upheaval he’s been experiencing; and if he’s smart, he will turn to his Divine Feminine for answers rather than another round of running.

The Chaser is the awakened twin (usually the Divine Feminine), who is so ready for physical union that she plunges herself into a frenetic manhunt with a laser-sharp, sniper-precise focus, launching a fact-finding, top-level data-collection recon mission that would impress the CIA, along with jigsaw puzzle-solving, deductive sleuthing skills that would mind-boggle Sherlock Holmes.

The Runner/Chaser dynamic is pretty much like an episode of the old “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” show where the hungry lioness stalks the unsuspecting gazelle as it drinks a mint julip from the porch of his watering hole. Sure, the gazelle can run, but the lioness will hunt, stalk, chase, bushwhack, ambush, outsmart, and outmaneuver the gazelle at every point until she has finally tackled his ass and wrestled him into submission. “Poor gazelle,” you say. “It just doesn’t stand a chance.” Why, no, he doesn’t. The lioness will get her prey. That is what she is built for…. Nom nom.

Warning: Do not cross a Divine Feminine in heat.



Let’s get something straight right now. Karma does not mean revenge or bitch. The word karma is a Sanskrit word that means “action”. Karma is the action you do as well as the action you heap onto your soul – thanks to the Law of Attraction – through various experiences across all timelines and dimensions that your soul has traveled.

Karmic partners, karmic family members, karmic friends, karmic jobs, karmic anything is an action your soul needed to experience to learn a lesson. In this way, karma is a teacher. Just as Kali, the Valkyrie, and the Morrigan are misunderstood goddesses of destruction, karma is an important teacher of crucial lessons geared toward removing obstacles without which your Twin Flame journey would forever be stalled. Karmics allow you to work through your fears, insecurities, jealousies, greed, and other vices that keep you floundering in the material matrix of third-dimensional programming.

These relationships and events require you to learn the true purpose of the Twin Flame experiment: unconditional love. With a mindset and heart-set of unconditional love, you bring compassion, forgiveness, and non-judgment to your interactions that ripple outward to the carbon-based, meat-suit collective, who in turn gets to choose if they accept that karma you have gifted them and forward that good action onward to others, creating a wave of love, peace, happiness, acceptance, understanding, and connectedness otherwise known as “unity consciousness”.

Karma is a tough teacher. You will be mad at your boss, mad at your partner, mad at the world until you realize the problem in not any of them – the problem is you. You have lessons to learn; you have wounds to heal. All these karmic situations serve to make you a better person and to facilitate your ascension into 5D, the realm of unconditional love, also known as New Earth. When you eventually stop fighting the teacher and just accept the lesson, you can begin the work of healing that not only helps you right now but will probably be an integral part of your Twin Flame soul mission to help others.

Eventually, you will begin to recognize karmic people and karmic situations sooner than later. You will learn the lesson quickly before getting too involved. You will no longer fight to keep your job or fight to keep your house or fight to keep your possessions. You will recognize the karmic lesson almost instantly and simply say, “Okay. I can release this.” No matter what it is. If it’s a karmic lesson, you will be glad to let it go. And you won’t even feel badly about it.

Beware of your ego. In the early part of your journey, you might chide yourself for not recognizing a karmic sooner, so it’s kind of like having a Jewish mother who loves to remind you about that one boyfriend, “I told you he was not good enough for you.” Yeah. Thanks.



The layers of information you uncover on the Twin Flame journey seem endless. Whenever you think you’ve got a handle on one thing, something else pops up to rattle your reverie. Once you get comfortable with waiting on your Twin Flame to wake the fuck up, you will busy yourself learning how to meditate and work with your Higher Self, the ArchAngels, Ascended Masters, your spirit guides, and even animal guides; and then there is the neverending research about the 12-dimensional body, the 13-chakra system, the 12-strand DNA, Kundalini awakening, awakening past 5D, plus managing your Third Eye and Crown chakras opening, handling the physical ascension symptoms, seeing geometric shapes floating in the air, and Twin Flame telepathy, to name just a few of the components you’ll need to master in order to embrace your Twin-Flame-ness.

To use a Southern term, being a Twin Flame is kind of like chitt’lings, and the best description I ever heard for chitt’lings is “animal intestines that’s been turned inside out and had the shit slung out of it”. That is exactly what being a Twin Flame feels like most of the time. You will get turned inside out and have your clock cleaned more times that you’ll be able to count.

As you walk this Twin Flame path, remember that all the karmics, the lessons, the pain, the wound-healing, the false and catalyst twins, and the ascension symptoms serve their purpose. Your blocks to union are the chunks of fetid crap clogging your Twin Flame relationship. So be gutsy! Grab your Twin Flame relationship by its multi-dimensional bowels and start slinging those shit-obstacles out of it. Your soul will be glad you did.

Love and light!











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  1. Thank you for this and I loved learning something new and will need to read again. You are an amazing woman and freakin sexy too! Love your blog. Keep teaching us more please and thank you.