DailyOJ 10-25-18: Hello, Lover. We Meet Again….

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With my latest versions of AWESOM out for Twin Flames & for Men, I thought I might better get back in the saddle with a regular practice. After all, the teacher should be taking her own advice, yes?…. Well…. Yes…. But what if the teacher were so fabulous that she still had all her nipple-gasms, & spontaneous orgasms, & free-flowing ejaculation whenever she wanted, & could have full-body climax-orgasms in 90 seconds flat? … I’d say that teacher is kinda ……… AWESOM. >:-)

And yet, there I was, feeling like I really should get back into a practice. I literally have not done a practice session in over two years; & I haven’t done a steady practice on a weekly basis in several years. The fact that I can still climax-orgasm like I do with such a long “drought” in between practice sessions is a testament to my program as well as to my body – once the body develops its new orgasmic skills, they’re there for life. If you don’t use them for a while, they can come back … with the proper training.

So there I was, this morning, in my bed – or the bed in my motel room, contemplating if I should just orgasm or do an actual 22-minute AWESOM session. I had had dreams all night long, & I was tired; but I was also relaxed & snuggled down under the covers. I’d set the A/C on 62°F the night before, so the room was a frigid cocoon that makes for the best orgasms…. Some people dream of making love on the beach – me, I want to make love in an igloo near ancient forests under the stellar sky-show of the Northern Lights…. Y’all can keep the sand up your butt-crack. (Been there. Done that.)

Traveling ’round the country, I’ve had to say good-bye to all but my two most useful toys: the glass wand & Mr. Sparkles III. (Yes, he’s the third one – I’ve moved a lot.) When I’ve masturbated in the past year or so, I’ve only done quickie climax-orgasms with the glass wand because of lack of privacy or I haven’t been in a mind-space of relaxation to really enjoy being sensual. Honestly, my pleasure quotient has subsisted on nipple-gasms & spontaneous orgasms almost exclusively for over a year.

I’ve missed my body – which is strange, considering the roller-coaster relationship I’ve had with my body. However, I was loving my body this morning, appreciating my body for all she is & all she does for me. So I decided to honor her with a full session.

Alarm set & glass wand in hand, I started my AWESOM session. Within a few seconds, it was all so familiar. And yet, different. Almost instantly, my left leg started shaking, which I’ve always associated with clitoral stimulation; but my leg was twitching & my toes were curling from the motions I was doing – but I was not touching my clit.

I had an accidental climax-orgasm about two minutes in, & I had to try really hard not to allow the warm lava juices of ejaculation to erupt – they really wanted to shower my cushy thighs & soak the towel beneath my big Irish hips. I had to remind myself this was a practice session, not a go-for-it free-for-all. I wanted this to be calm, slow, sensual, & not focused on orgasm – I just can’t help having orgasms, though.

Allowing my body to simply feel, & rock, & sway as she wanted to was a welcome respite from the more mechanical approach we all slip back into of just wanting to orgasm & be done with it. One of the truly beautiful aspects of my practice is that it allows me to honor my body & requires me to listen to my body without expectation of a predetermined outcome. By staying in the moment, I am continually surprised by the sensations emanating from my she-spot (g-spot), from my vagina, my nipples, my belly, my skin, my thighs, my heart, my soul. The entire experience becomes lighter, & my body settles into a rhythm that aligns with my breathing & my moans that escape my lips.

I’ve missed this time that I used to spend gently loving on my female prostate, the part of my vagina that cushions my she-spot. Using the glass toy, I slowly stroke her & let her awaken & reveal to me what I’ve missed – but careful not to cue the lava eruptions from the top of my vagina near my cervix.

The heat of deep arousal flows up & down my body in waves. My back arches, & I can’t help but moan a little more, a little louder; the sighs of full-body bliss usher forth, & I’m so grateful to be in a space where I am free to moan, & sigh, & voice my blooming ecstasy however I need to.

The leg shaking continues as another climax-orgasm is imminent, & I don’t try to dissuade it from happening. I revel in the tender pleasure that sensual, soft touch kindles within me & radiates outward, through me. Then the waves surge back through me; & I wallow in the easy ecstasy that brings on a quasi-vertigo sensation – that I’m floating, that there is no bed beneath me or ceiling above me. My eyes closed, I am floating on an orgasmic magick carpet through space; & the sequence repeats: again, & again, & again.

Time stands still … but not still enough…. I almost made it to the 22-minute mark, but not quite. I was so overcome with the euphoric bliss of my practice, that I succumbed to my physical body’s desire for a big climax-orgasm & granted my body’s wish. (Who am I to deny my body such luscious pleasure?)

My thick, creamy prostate juices had mixed with the more viscous vaginal juices, & I slathered them all over my labia & clit. My clit was swollen & standing at full attention beneath her slick, pink foreskin. She was almost too tender to touch at this point, but I managed. And it didn’t take long for the blending of internal prostate stimulation with external clit lovin’ to induce a full-body, explosive climax-orgasm that was oh, so familiar & delicious. This climax-orgasm was not quite as tapped in to the cosmic orgasms I used to have, to be honest, but it was intense & beautiful & emotional. And it was definitely a sign that a little practice will get my body back on the cosmic-orgasm train in no time.

As I lay there, enjoying the aftershocks of climax & the denouement of the after-orgasms my body elicited for several minutes later, I reached out for Mr. Sparkles. I hadn’t even used him. Maybe he felt unloved? I certainly missed him. He had been an integral part of my awakening the first time around in 2011.

I hesitated to insert him, though. I had stopped buying lube when I became ejaculatory, since my own lava eruptions make a plethora of love juices to naturally lube my vagina for any toy. But I hadn’t ejaculated just now – well, not much & not on purpose. I could tell there were some lava juices in the mix with all the delicious creamy & viscous juices.

I inserted him, & he went in very easily. I was more than wet enough, & frankly, he’s only 1-5/8-inches wide. (Not nearly as wide as my Twin Flame.) The sensation of being filled with a penis-shaped toy again was so different than the glass toy. The glass toy feels more like a fat finger when inserted, & the touch is very focused & directional; whereas the penis-shaped toy glides against the entirety of my vagina, loving all my erogenous zones & “spots” that bring me pleasure…. I’d almost forgotten what this feels like.

My favorite toy – that was 2-inches wide & feels so lifelike as to be unbelievable – had to be left behind, so I haven’t been stretched & filled to that extent in months. Even with this smaller 1-5/8” penis-shaped toy, being stretched & filled felt delicious. And I had the brief thought that I need to do this more often so that I’m ready for my Twin Flame when he’s ready for me. My vagina is on the tight side. (I hope he likes how snug & cozy my vagina is!)

I thoroughly enjoyed basking in the physical & energetic feelings coursing through my body. My heart was open, & I thought of my guy. I allowed my thoughts, my love, & my orgasmic consciousness to surge & flow, pulse & ebb through me however they wished until they merged with my body again.

I will definitely get back into my practice sessions. And while I don’t want to be attached to outcome, I’d be lying if I said I weren’t looking forward to the cosmic orgasms again. As much as I love & appreciate my easy nipple-gasms & the spontaneous orgasms, I want the big, explosive, cosmic-travel, climax-orgasms that first rocked my world with my Kundalini awakening in 2011 – the ones I’ve been too lazy to make the time for even when I’ve had the privacy.

So it’s time to get back on the AWESOM bandwagon. I want to be super ready for my guy when he’s ready to come into union with me.

Creamily yours,