Foreskin Faery: Intact Information Goddess

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I am proud to announce the launch of the Foreskin Faery!

The intact information goddess will be appearing in locations all over the United States, sharing her love of human rights for all, especially children who cannot legally consent to being circumcised.

You can find the Foreskin Faery in cities all along the Eastern seaboard including Boston, New York City, & Philadelphia, in the Gulf Coast cities of Mobile, New Orleans, and Houston, as well as Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, & San Francisco.

What’s all this “intact” stuff about, you ask? Take a look here: INTACT Book & Information. (WARNING! There be men’s naked penises on that page! 21+, NSFW.)


Your participation is welcome! The Foreskin Faery focuses on positive, happy intactivism that shares health and human rights information with the public in a friendly, engaging manner. Main colors are purple & orange, with festive greens & magenta thrown in. Be creative! Be happy in your intactivism!!

Traveling is expensive, & I will try to keep costs down by staying with friends in the towns I visit. However, flights, bus tickets, & Uber’s are not free. I can do the legwork & the public speaking, but I need YOUR HELP to get around the country & get the message of intactness out to the masses.

You can support the Foreskin Faery’s travels via Cash app.


Want to know where the Foreskin Faery will be next? Or can’t make it to an event in person? Follow the Foreskin Faery on social media.

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