AWESOM for Men: AWakening Energy & Sound Orgasm Meditation

I am so happy to announce the upcoming online classes for my program, “AWESOM: AWakening Energy & Sound Orgasm Meditation for Men”.

If you’re new to my page, WELCOME! I’m Trish, & I’ve had a lifelong mission of working for unity consciousness through the arts.

I have been a Tantrika for many years, & I had my Kundalini awakening in 2011. Through this, I became a relationship & sex advice coach, answering viewers’ questions on my blog & on my YouTube channel. I’m also a Certified Holistic Life Coach.

For years, I have studied the anatomy & function of men’s genitals. I am fascinated with the brilliant inner workings of the most private part of a man’s body. Because I am well-versed in men’s anatomy & how some men struggle with orgasm, I want to help men awaken their innate orgasmic ability (that has nothing to do with the penis!). Through my program, I hope to help men discover the beauty of their body & shift the notion of sexual pleasure from the penis to their entire being.

I have collected the principles of various modalities that worked for me as I sought to have orgasms more easily – which led me to becoming multi-orgasmic & having spontaneous orgasms. I was also able to heal previous sexual trauma, an unfortunate reality that affects males as well as females. I put these modalities together in my program, AWESOM, & now, I’m hosting a special online series just for men.

My years of coaching men who read my blog has allowed me to incorporate information that addresses real-world ups & downs of sexual awakening. Some men experience changes in their bodies & sexual process due to illness, medications, or surgery. Other men may experience erectile dysfunction as a long-term effect of being circumcised as a child. PTSD can affect the body & sexual function as well.

Since AWESOM does not require focusing on the genitals, men can learn new ways to experience pleasure. As the body integrates these modalities, the body adapts to the new pathways created with AWESOM.

With my experience coaching others in heart-based, sacred sexuality, I specifically want to help men awaken & reclaim their bodies – to love their bodies, if they don’t already.


Ever heard of “performing in bed” or “reaching climax”? Well, orgasm is not meant to be a rehearsed spectacle or a competition to be won.

What if I told you…. Everything you need to experience incredible bliss is already within you? That your body is actually designed to orgasm to higher & higher levels of pleasure with little to no stimulation at all?

The French call orgasm “the little death” because orgasm is the closest some people ever get to seeing “god”, the All. AWESOM is an allowing of your body’s innate ability for an astoundingly beautiful connection to your Self.


AWESOM is a practice that requires patience. More specifically, AWESOM is a process. It is not a quick-fix. Through awakening, allowing, & aligning with your body & energy field, AWESOM is a de-programming of what media & culture have told you orgasm is & how to experience it.

You will set aside 22 minutes 3-4 times per week for this practice. AWESOM is about releasing stress, so you could easily slip this time into your regular relaxing or meditation schedule.

The purpose of AWESOM is to awaken your body so orgasms are easier, quicker, more full-body, more expansive, more sensual, more connected to your Self & Spirit, & more fulfilling on a heart level when you are in a sexy mood. Having cosmic orgasms is also possible!

With a dedicated practice schedule, your body can awaken & reset. In fact, your body will start to release the programming of what you “think” orgasm is or should be – your BODY is then showing YOU what orgasm can be!


“AWESOM for Men” will consist of:

  • 3 LIVE online group classes that will last 60-90 minutes each,
  • a 20-minute private session with me to discuss your technique,
  • entry to a private group/forum.

*** There is NO explicit visual content, except maybe medical anatomy pics. (We all stay clothed.) ***

Classes cover the following topics:

  • AWESOM principles & foundation,
  • the AWESOM practice itself,
  • anatomy & physiology (& neurology, & other -ologies),
  • climax/orgasmic process,
  • bodywork,
  • breath-work,
  • sex toys to use (or avoid!),
  • stop (or reduce) “needing” porn,
  • orgasm amnesia,
  • common pitfalls of sexual awakening (& how to work through them),
  • health,
  • daily full-body, orgasm-inspired workout (optional!),
  • mantras (optional),
  • meditation track (.MP3),
  • & more.

Every class will allow time for you to ask questions so you can address your personal experiences with the practice. You will also receive a meditation track I composed specifically for this practice, as well as a special Journal page, if you’d like to use it to track your progress.

Classes begin November 8, 2018 (11-8-18).

Limited number of spots available.


I’ve set the energy exchange at $111 (reg. $1500), & I am so looking forward to seeing you in class & helping you acquire your new orgasmic skills!

*** DISCOUNT for using the Cash app → ***



PAYPAL: (Or in the PayPal app, send $111 using the “Friends & Family” option. My PP email is payment @ trishcausey dot com — remove spaces.)


All transactions are FINAL. No refunds, only transfers to another group of classes. No part of these classes or private sessions is to be considered medical advice. If in doubt about your ability to participate, get a clearance from your doctor first. And don’t blame me if you start having orgasms in church.


And THANK YOU for allowing me to help you on your journey of awakening & loving YOURSELF!