Dream Lover: The First Night My Twin Flame Came to Me

I was 19 when my true love came to me in a dream. It was 1991. And I haven’t been the same since.


I was in observer mode, just watching, impartial. I was not Trish-Me.

Observer Me was deep in the woods, somewhere I’d never been in this lifetime, but I instinctively knew this place was very special. A path curved in front of my field of vision, winding through the woods to something in the distance. Ahead, the path revealed a cottage nestled amongst the towering trees. The lime-washed cottage had an arched red door beneath a small, curved portico. Arched windows flanked the red door, and I could see the warm glow of light emanating from inside.

Observer Me sees a man walking down the curving path, toward the cottage. He is naked. His body is well-muscled; his hair is dark and short, but longer in the front. I can’t see his face. His back is to my field of vision.

He approaches the door. I suddenly feel myself inside, though my view is still from the outside of the cottage. As he nears the doorstep, he pauses and raises his arms in a strange angle, one arm is up and the other angled downward. Just then, the red door opens and sparkly golden light shoots out of the doorway and the windows.

I know this man is my true love. He has finally come to me. I feel the most intense feelings of lust and passion, but most certainly, unconditional love. I feel relieved he is finally here and we can be together.

The man – my true love – enters the cottage, and the feelings of unconditional love intensify a thousand-fold, a love so pure and so strong that I cannot believe this kind of love actually exists. But it does exist. He does exist. He is mine. We are one.

He enters the cottage, and the door closes behind him. The fireworks of sparkly golden light explode again, and we are one, in union, together.


I woke up crying. My body was buzzing and pulsing with electricity. The love I’d experienced in this dream was so real I could taste it. I could feel this energy shooting out of my fingertips. I could still feel him within me. It was the same unconditional love I would feel later in 2002 when I astral traveled to rejoin Source Energy.

I remember this dream like it happened yesterday. It consumed my heart. I wrote a poem about it called “For Me, Forever”, that I later set to music and will record on my album FLAMES. I also painted a picture of it because it was such a beautiful, surreal experience that I never wanted to forget it. But how could I forget my true love finding me and joining with me in this lifetime?

I’ve had other dreams of him since, none where I saw his face. But I always know him by his energy and our love that connects us. I now know this is called being Twin Flames, and I love him with my entire being and soul.