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The male foreskin is an absolutely normal part of the male body, which is why boys are born with it. Providing 16 functions for health and sexual pleasure, men need their foreskin. So why is male foreskin still so reviled and misunderstood in the United States?


And why are we still circumcising babies who cannot consent?

Ignorance, lies, and money.


I’m Trish Causey, a writer, creator, and ArtistActivist. I have championed many causes over the years, and the cause that has my main focus is Intactivism, which seeks to end genital mutilation of children.


I am raising money to publish my book INTACT: MEN AS THEY WERE BORN TO BE. The $9,295.00 budget covers:

  • the cost of layout and publishing via BookBaby,
  • copyediting services,
  • photography and graphic design work for the book,
  • 3 months of press rep/marketing fees.


INTACT: MEN AS THEY WERE BORN TO BE will be published in 2021 – if the funding goal is reached on


The book will be manufactured through BookBaby and released as both a hardbound, full-color book with dust jacket and as an eBook. Both will be available via all major stores and platforms.


This book explains the importance of male foreskin: the role foreskin plays in a man’s overall health and how foreskin aids a man’s sexual function. The information presented in the book is comprised of survey responses from men who were not circumcised as babies and from professionals in a variety of fields who advocate for boys keeping their natural anatomy — and autonomy — INTACT.


In 2017, I posted a 29-question survey for adult intact men to tell their stories about what it’s like to still have their foreskin. For the past 3 years, I have conducted in-depth conversations with these 200+ respondents, who live in 32 countries, scattered all over the world. Those insights on male foreskin are the foundation of my book INTACT: MEN AS THEY WERE BORN TO BE.

This book presents the personal anecdotes – some hilariously funny and some heartachingly sad – of men whose survey responses help demystify the male foreskin that still shocks and befuddles so many Americans.


INTACT: MEN AS THEY WERE BORN TO BE contains ARTISTIC NUDES of men’s normal anatomy and medical anatomical charts to explain the function of the male foreskin. There is no porn in this book.


The book will be a 10” x 10” hardbound book with dust jacket and full-color pages, displaying the survey responses, anatomical diagrams, and medical facts – all juxtaposed by the gorgeous, artistic display of men’s normal anatomy.

INTACT is a full-color activist/art-project that bluntly delves into male anatomy, explains how intact sex is different, and puts the “fun” in the “function” of men’s foreskin.

I balance the needed scientific and medical information with a lighthearted, artsy approach to illuminate the reader on the basics of penile anatomy and the sexual benefits of male foreskin. (And the human rights of body autonomy — and children’s rights to bodily integrity — and the medical ethics that are violated by non-consensual circumcision — the inherent sexism of male circumcision being legal while female circumcision is illegal.)

Some of the topics covered include the following:

  • the natural penile anatomy – it’s NOT just a flap of skin,
  • why boys and men need their foreskin for basic health,
  • daily hygiene (it’s not that difficult!),
  • bullying at school,
  • dating and relationships,
  • why they sometimes pretend to be circumcised to avoid ridicule,
  • how sex with intact men is different,
  • how women benefit from their male lovers having their foreskin,
  • self-esteem issues of being intact in a cut culture,
  • how Male Genital Mutilation (MGM) being legal is sexist when Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is illegal,
  • the intersectionality of Feminism and Intactivism,
  • the erectile dysfunction drug companies and sex toy industries that profit indirectly from the United States’ circumcision practices,
  • the hospitals, cosmetic companies, and biotech industries that directly profit from selling and re-selling of baby boys’ foreskin,
  • and more.

I also interviewed a number of well-known intactivists on a variety of topics. Some of whom include the following:

  • Ronald Goldman, Ph.D. – author and psychologist on the psychological effects of circumcision, both immediate and long-term,
  • Robert Van Howe, M.D. – noted academic and pediatrician on the bogus HIV studies in the Africa,
  • Ryan McAllister, Ph.D. – creator of “The Elephant in the Hospital”,
  • Leah Torres, M.D. – an OBGYN and feminist who refuses to circumcise baby boys,
  • David Llewellyn, J.D. – a lawyer who specializes in children’s rights and cases dealing with circumcision,
  • Lisa Braver Moss – creator of the Brit Shalom on why intactivism is not anti-Semitic,
  • Brendon Marotta, BFA – award-winning documentary filmmaker on the cult of American Circumcision,
  • Marilyn Milos, R.N. – a long-time intactivist who advocates for the genital autonomy of children,
  • John Geisheker, J.D. – director of Doctors Opposing Circumcision on the medical ethics of unnecessary surgery on patients who cannot legally consent,
  • Brian D. Earp, M.Sc., M.Phil. – academic and researcher on the social inequality of non-consensual circumcision,
  • and more to be announced.


The published book will be in high-resolution, but the book sample is formatted at a slightly lower resolution for quicker loading.

THIS BOOK CONTAINS ARTISTIC NUDES. This sample is NSFW (Not Safe for most Workplaces). Must be 18+ to view this, since you probably live in an area controlled by the Morality Police.

A desktop or laptop computer is best, but it will also work on mobile devices.

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So foreskin can’t really be all that bad. Unless you live in America….

People outside the United States are shocked by the U.S.’ practice of circumcising baby boys who cannot consent to the unnecessary procedure. The human rights and medical ethics’ aspects of non-consensual circumcision can no longer be ignored.

INTACT: MEN AS THEY WERE BORN TO BE will be a collector’s edition-worthy activist/art-book that is bound to be a conversation starter at your next house party. No one has done anything like this before.

To get INTACT into print (and eBook), please pledge your donation to support this unique publishing project. Sure, you’re supporting a beautiful book that is 14+ months and a LOT of work in the making, but more importantly, you are showing your support for human rights and the genital autonomy of all people. You’ll sleep better at night. I promise.

The only challenge with getting this book published is getting it funded. This book will be full-color, hardbound art book — like a coffee table art book, but with an artsy-activist focus. Without securing funding through the GoFundMe campaign, this book simply will not happen.

Now, please help get the word out to the world! Thank you!

~ trish


Trish Causey is a dedicated intactivist — an activist for ending non-consensual circumcision of minors. For Trish, being an intactivist is an extension of being a feminist whose ideals are the basic human rights of body autonomy and self-determination.

In the United States and parts of Australia, Canada, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, and elsewhere, boys need a voice to speak up for them, to speak out on the horrors of male genital mutilation, just as feminists speak out against female genital mutilation.

After writing about circumcision over the years on her blog, Trish took the next step and began writing a book about intactivism. Instead of starting with the obvious choice of the immediate damage to infants, Trish began from her point of view as a woman who’d endured the long-term consequences of male circumcision — painful sex with men who were cut as newborns.

Trish chose to talk with adult, intact men about what it is like to be intact: to still have foreskin, to have sex and masturbate with foreskin, and to deal with circ culture on a daily basis and in relationships. She posted a survey on her blog that covered 30 distinct areas of life physically, emotionally, and psychologically to learn first-hand the benefits of being normal, natural, and intact. And man, did they spare no details on how they love their foreskin!

From this, INTACT: Men As They Were Born to Be started to come together — not as a typical paperback book, talking about intactivism from an abstract point of view, but in the full-color format that is part coffee-table art-book, part activist art-project to show the visceral beauty of the male foreskin in all its uncensored, full-color glory.

Trish took the survey responses and phone-conversations’ notes and collated the data into 29 categories, not including demographic information. She has compiled the categories of responses with information on men’s health, sex advice, and — yes — on circumcision: the reasons why it started as a practice, why it continues to affect so many boys today, and why adult circumcision is growing exponentially in certain countries.

INTACT: Men As They Were Born to Be is set for release in Summer 2018. Sign up on the right side of this page to follow Trish’s blog for updates about the book, and join Trish’s mailing list to get notifications on all her projects, performances, and releases.


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