How I Got Fat, Why I Stayed Fat, & How I Learned to Love My Body Anyway

As I say in the opening of this episode of The Trish Causey Show, “This is the video I didn’t want to do.”

Not wanting to do this topic is why I have taken so long to get back on the air. That, and figuring out which platform I wanted to use for my new live video shows.

However, I knew I couldn’t hold this off forever, and so I did it. As embarrassing, as scary, and as intensely personal as this topic is for me, I had to address it — and all the underlying reasons that contributed to my fatness.

I’m not proud of being overweight. It’s not something I ever wanted, but it happened. And I let it continue to happen. And even when I got my life back under control, the long-term effects of obesity were — and are — still being experienced. And yet, somewhere along the way, I began to love my body for the first time in my life.

Years of body-shaming at school, numerous incidences of sexual assault, and overcoming a binge-eating disorder are just some of the life experiences I explain in this episode. But I also go over my sexual awakening and my journey to being a highly orgasmic woman.

In this first live video of The Trish Causey Show, I talk about the reasons I gained weight and why I stayed fat ON PURPOSE. I also discuss depression, the stresses of being a single mom, the complexity of living my life’s purpose, and how I finally learned to love my body even though society says I should hate myself.

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