AWESOM: AWakening Energy & Sound Orgasm Meditation

Must be 18+.

Copyright 2015-2019 by Trish Causey.

I’m Trish Causey, and I have created an orgasm-training program I accurately call AWESOM™, which stands for AWakening Energy & Sound Orgasm Meditation. I’ve compiled techniques from various modalities, taken out the ancient lingo and New Age “woo-woo”, added a splash of practical advice based on my own personal experiences (and mistakes) during my own sexual awakening journey, and thrown in a huge helpin’ of sexual anatomy most doctors don’t even know about to create a practice that is do-able for just about everyone.

For those looking to have more orgasms — or to orgasm for the first time, you can expect to increase your orgasmic ability with a regular practice as outlined in my program. Experiences may include awakening your body’s natural ability for powerful orgasms, multiple orgasms, spontaneous orgasms, nipple-gasms, “stealth orgasms” (that sneak up on you), even orgasms from barely-there touch (just in case you’re really tired of wearing out your tender bits from exhausting friggin’ off!).

FACT: 70 to 75% of American women have NEVER ORGASMED during penetrative sex!

If you have ever STRUGGLED TO ORGASM DURING SEX, this program is for you! Stop relying on your partner to get your body into orgasm mode, and TAKE CONTROL of your own orgasmic experience.


I can only accept 5 new AWESOM™ members at a time because I want to be able to help each member on their journey. When I get my newest 5 members, this post will be closed.

For the new members, all of this is part of your membership into the exclusive AWESOM™ club:

  • a private log-in account on my site;
  • fourteen (14) modules of non-explicit instructional videos
    • the AWESOM™ system in detail,
    • practice steps,
    • sexual anatomy,
    • my orgasm theory,
    • what to expect
    • what to avoid,
    • and much more;
  • access to these videos for one (1) year;
  • six (6) private coaching sessions with me (valued at $200 each);
  • three (3) group webinars with other AWESOM™ students to ask questions and share experiences (optional);
  • email access to me to ask me questions along the way;
  • a journal worksheet to track your progress and make comments on what you experience;
  • a meditation track (.MP3) for your practice sessions and to help with stress;
  • a daily, non-strenuous, 10-minute “workout” to support your orgasmic awakenings.


“I am amazed at how much I have learned about my body and my mind through the wonderful techniques taught in the AWESOM™ Tantra Online Course by Trish Causey. I have really become more attuned to how I feel and how my body responds to different sensations. This is a fantastic lesson in re-discovering and re-awakening your inner energy!” ~ Michael J., USA

Everyone is welcome! This works for any person regardless of gender or gender identity. It can also help men who have erectile dysfunction.

Practicing ALONE at first is highly recommended. Your partner can practice alone as well, then you both can enjoy the new sensations when you join together for sexy time.

You can do the practice in bed, on the sofa, on your patio, in the shower, in the woods, even sitting on the beach — just don’t do it while driving! 🙂  A few minutes each day of the AWESOM™ practice done 4 to 6 times per week will make such an amazing difference in your orgasmic experience! (And it’s a lot more fun than going to the gym.)


It is also about healing. Many people are looking to heal their body, heart, and mind from previous trauma or cope with the barrage of negative reinforcement that pervades media and culture. AWESOM™ will help you work on healing from the inside out and reclaim your body as yours.

** Note: If you are in the process of healing and do not touch yourself intimately due to trauma, not to worry! Genital touch is optional, not required. For myself, this path helped me integrate my breasts as part of my body after years of verbal and other abuse. **


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a quiet space to watch the videos;
  • a quiet space to do your practice;
  • a place to do your daily workout;
  • comfy clothes for your practice and workout — though nudity is a great choice!
  • the commitment to giving yourself these few minutes each day to focus on YOU.

When you purchase the program, you will receive an invitation to create a private log-in on my website. You’ll watch a series of videos of me explaining everything, and we’ll set up a Skype (or similar online video) call to get you started off right. You will journal for every practice session as well as any followup info afterward for 12 weeks. You can post questions on the private posts that is only for paid AWESOM™ members, and I’ll be able to answer your questions.

Want more info? Here is my post describing what my breakthrough orgasm experience was like.

Experience AWESOM™ as a complete training program to improve your orgasmic experiences alone and/or with a partner for just $1,999.

Must be 18+.

Join my online training AWESOM™ now using this safe and secure direct link to PayPal. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


Once you pay, please email me so I can give you access to the 14 modules & videos, & so we can set up our sessions together.

Google Pay, Zelle, & Facebook Messenger options also available. Just contact me for the info: contact @ TrishCausey . com (remove spaces).

I am really looking forward to helping you experience more pleasure in your sexual and sensual awakening journey.

THANK YOU!  xoxo



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