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Hello, everybody!

You may have noticed that ArousedWoman Blog has been a bit sparse lately. I have been at a fork in the road for a while and needed to go in one direction. I really didn’t want to leave AW behind — or delete all the work I’ve done for 5 years … or lose any of you who have liked, appreciated, supported, and/or learned from my posts.

I ADORE ArousedWoman(TM). It makes me feel strong and indomitable. To stop doing AW altogether is too painful to contemplate. Instead, I’ve moved all my AW posts to my newly-redesigned website at ALL 383 posts are there! Yes, all the DailyOJ and AskTRISH, et al., are here for your reading and viewing pleasure.

If you’ve followed me on AW Blog, PLEASE follow my posts on I swear it’s still me and all the sexy stuff you look for on AW Blog … and more.

Because AW Blog began as my activism for women’s rights AND a documentation of my sexual healing and sensual awakening, I never really felt comfortable reaching past the limitations of talking only about sex and feminism. However, the issues that I was dealing with — sexual trauma, PTSD, eating disorder, bad marriage recovery — actually blend into other areas such as society, culture, media, politics, and more.

With, I am putting what I do under one roof, as it were. I simply got too spread out with compartmentalizing my arts and activism into various websites, each with its own identity, each with its own slew of social media accounts to keep active, updated, and engaged. It just became too much. And with other things happening in my personal life, the stress and pressure to maintain all of this as separate enterprises became suffocating and overwhelming, with no way to breathe or get out. And that’s not what a blog is supposed to be!

I felt (and feel) such a huge responsibility to all of you that I didn’t want to screw things up. Or piss you off. And yet, in trying to keep all these plates spinning in the air, I was oblivious to the ones that had already crashed and broken.

Leaving @AnArousedWoman behind as my stalwart Twitter activist account has been difficult. But I’ve made the transition of that username to @TrishCausey, with my former name account changing to @TrishCauseyArts.

Creating ArousedWoman(TM) in 2012 allowed me a platform to heal and grow and fight. Five years later, the only thing that consoles me as I bring AW under my own name (even with tears in my eyes) is that setting AW aside for now is freeing me to grow and change, so that I can face whatever is next in my life.

You’ve followed me for years on AW Blog, and I’m asking that you follow me here on I’m returning to doing interviews, answering questions via YouTube videos, and more. You can follow my posts by email (just like on AW), you can also get my newsletter, and find me by name on my social media (click the links on the upper right sidebar).

I love you all, and I won’t say “I’ll miss you” because I know I’ll see you around here. 🙂



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