Mississippi: Take a Lesson from North Carolina’s Warning from the Federal Government 

North Carolina has been put on notice by the U.S. Department of Justice that it may lose ALL federal funding if HB2, the “bathroom bill”, goes into effect. Do you know what that means, Mississippi? Not only would NC lose its federal support in times of natural disaster, such as, say, a hurricane(!) and the tornadoes, rains, flooding, and other damage that follow hurricanes, but NC has specifically been warned that losing federal dollars would include loss of PELL GRANTS and sub/unsub loans and work-study programs for college students.
So, Mississippi, let’s see how many of our already financially-struggling kids can afford to go to college withOUT federal student aid. Would USM, MS State, Ole Miss, and every community college in Mississippi like to weigh in on how imperative it is that HB1523 be repealed? How about those rich colleges in the Mississippi Delta and out in the boonies of middle and north Mississippi? LGBT rights and civil rights don’t matter to many of you, of course, but paying for your kids’ tuition OUT OF POCKET may get you to change your narrow mind.