Intact Survey for Book on Men Who Are Uncircumcised


This survey is for intact, uncut men who would like the opportunity to have their comments used in the upcoming book INTACT: As Men Were Born to Be, by Trish Causey. The book will be a 12” x 12” glossy photo book that will include exclusive interviews with intact men, factual information on the foreskin and its necessary functions, the cultural and financial reasons circumcision is so prevalent in the United States, as well as artistic nudes of professional intact models in the flaccid and erect state.

To participate in this INTACT survey, you must be an intact man at least 21 years of age or older. By participating in this survey, you agree to have your email added to a special mailing list that is ONLY for participants of this survey (not my regular mailing list) to keep you up-to-date with the book in its progress.

Your responses to this survey may be used in the book, INTACT, to be written and published by Trish Causey. Your comments will be checked for spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as needed. A “proof” of your comment(s) will be sent to you before being finalized for the book, so make sure your email is correct. There is no compensation for taking this survey or for having a comment included in the book.

You may use your first name and last initial, or a nickname to go along with your comments. (If everyone is “Anonymous”, it lessens the impact of the personal stories.) If using a nickname, it must be a real name not a joke name. Example: If your name is Richard Smith, you could use “Rick S.” as your pseudonym but not a made-up name such as “UncutDick1980”. Keep it classy, please.

Also, every field is required (blame this form thing), so if a question does not apply to you or you don’t want to answer, put “N/A” in that field.

Stay tuned for updates. And thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey and help the cause of intactivism.

Take care,


In theory, guys don’t check each other out at the gym or in the locker room. Were you bullied in the school locker room or from sports’ teammates once they knew you were intact?

If you are straight or bi, what have been women’s reactions to your foreskin? Has any woman thought your foreskin was ugly, dirty, or weird? (Put N/A if you’re gay.)

If you’re gay or bi, have you had bad experiences with men who are circumcised and didn’t appreciate your foreskin? Has any man thought your foreskin was ugly, dirty, or weird? (Put N/A if you’re straight.)

What are your sex experiences like with a new partner? (If monogamous and in a relationship, please describe your current partner’s reaction to you being intact.) What is your new partner’s usual reaction to your penis?

What is your daily cleaning routine to keep your foreskin clean and healthy? Do you wash more often when the weather is warm or if you’ve been working out?

Any other information you’d like to share?


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