DailyOJ 05-27-16: Too Many Orgasms, Need a New Practice

Copyright 2016 by Trish Causey.

For the better part of two years, I’ve been coasting along, not really doing a practice to encourage a new level of ecstasy, especially since December 2015. My daughter finished high school, and with zero privacy at home during the day or night, I had to put my practice on hold. The only time I’m alone now is on a night like tonight, when she’s at her father’s house.

On a night like this in December, I discovered a new orgasmic ability: female ejaculation. It happened completely out of the blue. I waited until February to write about it because it was so incredible and so new. Soaking the towels on my sheets, and sometimes the sheets themselves, has been an exhilarating ride. I can ejac any time I want, and I truly feel complete now.


Because of the lack of a consistent practice over the past couple of years, my climax orgasms have changed. Less full-body, less severe in the back-jerking department; the climax orgasms were still very enjoyable, just not what I had become accustomed to. I’ve had to remember that with every level of accomplishment, there is a time of newness and mind-blowing orgasmic rewards. Then there is a time where I can control it, and that’s the best time — when I really know what I’m doing, know what my body is leading me to, and it’s absolutely incredible. That’s when the feelings — body, mind, heart, and soul, are in perfect sync. Integrated.

But without a regular practice, this integration eventually wanes. It coasts along, as I said before, resting on the laurels of Orgasms Past instead of building up to the next level of Orgasms Future.

I had a super brief re-visitation of urination orgasms, and I haven’t had the heartgasms in a long while. (Politics is not very heart-centered.) I wanted to get back to practice to see what the next level is. So about a week ago, I made the decision to be more dedicated to my practice sessions. Even with the privacy issue, I can still do my practice. I just won’t do any fun stuff after the practice session…. Or so I thought.

Yesterday, I laid in bed for my practice session, and started with my nipples, which triggered instant nipple-orgasms. I’ve learned to just keep going with my practice. The nipple-O’s are not going away — THANK GOD!, so I’m allowing them in the practice, even though the practice sessions are NOT about orgasm. After 5 minutes of nipple stim, I was only going to stim my prostate, but I got really horny, really quickly. This is a great perk of prostate awakening … that and female ejaculation.

I knew it was pointless to pretend practice could go on; after all, a big part of the practice is listening to the body, not manipulating what you think you want to happen. Since I happened to be home alone, I gave myself permission to follow my body’s lead. This meant doing soft circles on my clit. Within a couple of minutes, I had a beautiful, intense, hands-on/hands-in, blended climax orgasm, and I was astounded at how powerful it was. I haven’t done this in a while. A bum shoulder and sheer laziness usually convince me it’s too much trouble.

Being a Tantrika, I did not get mad at myself for climaxing; I simply noted that the sensations felt divine. The fact that it only took about two minutes was encouraging. Since my prostate awakening, I can usually climax within 1.5 to three minutes on hands-only stimulation. Before my Tantrik orgasm training, it would take at least 20, if not 30 minutes, to have a blended orgasm; and it could take up to 90 minutes if stimulating my prostate alone, with a curved She Spot toy.

As I tried to normalize my breathing, I started with light stimulation of my prostate and clit. This was about 8 minutes into the practice session. Before I knew it, HORNY! I really had to let my body climax. But, I had a sudden fear: what if this is the one that takes forever? I really, really, really don’t like when they take forever.

Since starting this path, when stimulation takes forever to reach orgasm — or doesn’t reach climax, that’s usually when a new level is about to emerge. When the body doesn’t want to do what it’s accustomed to doing and you don’t know what it wants to do, it’s as if the body and the will cancel each other out. And poof! No climax. These kinds of sessions usually end up being 90 minutes of frustration, trying to have a climax, but my body refuses.

I was worried frustration and shoulder fatigue were about to happen now.

The rise was obvious, and I allowed it. Again. Much to my surprise, I climaxed again from hands-on/hands-in stimulation of my clit and prostate, and it was even stronger than the climax a couple minutes before. In fact, the clitoral vestibular bulbs at my vaginal opening were so engorged, squeezing together like a vice, I could barely get two of my fingers in during the climax. I managed to get my fingers in, but only an inch. Just having them there seemed to let my prostate know she was still being loved on. And the waves hit. And the explosion hit. When I climax, I climax HARD. If it didn’t exhaust me so quickly, I’m sure I could go on and on. And this never happened before Tantra.

I looked at the clock. 11 minutes. It had been 11 minutes from the very start of the session, through the 5 minutes of nipple-O’s, then two huge climaxes with blended (She Spot/prostate and clit stimulation) technique. I knew to give up on any kind of practice for today. I would just have more climaxes, and climaxing wasn’t the point of practice. Climaxes such as these reinforce what I’ve already learned to allow from my body’s innate orgasmic ability.

With that, I got up and started my day. And it was a great day.

Aroused and surprising myself,







  1. This was a beautifully-crafted blog post, AW!! And a very insightful look in the ‘taboo’ world of orgasms…and the various kinds that a woman can experience. It intrigues me to know (and not necessarily understand…being a male) the various outlets of pleasure and satisfaction, with relation to where you focus your attention for the orgasmic sensations (nipple, clit, urination, etc.) I am proud of you for exploring your body and learning what works for you. Sounds like you need to keep practicing to see if you can unlock other ‘secrets’ about yourself (physically and mentally). And, as always, THANK YOU for sharing these very personal experiences with your readers!