Sexual Happiness 

sexual happiness womanCopyright 2016 by Trish Causey.

Sexual happiness is a woman’s right. Being happy sexually and sensually is healthy for you, not just for your body but for your heart, mind, and soul. So much of women’s existence has been shamed by one patriarchal institution or another, women don’t feel we deserve happiness. But we do.

Live. Try new things. Meet new people. Hang out with people who inspire you and encourage your dreams. Surround yourself with people who share your passions and goals.

Go on new adventures. Climb a mountain. Jump out of a plane. Go bungee-jumping. Eat a weird delicacy. Do karaoke where everyone can hear you. Have dessert every day.

Be happy. Smile. Laugh. Breathe. Take time for yourself.

Most of all, LOVE yourself. Love your body and your heart. Love your intuition and your strengths. Never apologize for your emotions. Love your talents and your dreams. Wear that body-con dress regardless of your size. Wear horizontal stripes. Wear the low-cut blouse. Wear last year’s styles for the next five years. Wear makeup or don’t. Wear the thigh-high boots. Wear flip-flops. Wear nothing at all.

Really LOVE yourself. Daily. Fingers inside and everything. Arouse, tingle, moan. Feel your skin, your curves, the changes in texture from your smooth breast to your puckered, hard nipples. Feel the warmth between your legs, the warm juices right there, your warm clit and inner lips throbbing to be touched and loved. Slip those fingers inside to thrill all your inner erogenous zones. Forget focusing on one spot. Your vagina is nothing BUT erogenous zones and spots. Find them all. They ache for your touch.

Feel the waves of excitement rolling up and down your body. Notice the zap of energy up and down your legs and your spine. Be aware of the subtle tickles across your face. Throw your head back, arch your back, moan, growl, and yell your orgasmic happiness for all the universe to hear.

Be happy in your own skin. When you walk, hold your head high. Make everyone else wonder what your secret is. Make the choice to be happy in mind, heart, and body. Once you do that, no one can take that feeling of empowerment from you. And believe it or not, you will inspire other women to do the same.

I love you, my tribe,





  1. AW, you are absolutely right! Everyone should strive to be happy with themselves and their bodies and the souls!! It is all-too-easy to let society and people’s opinions run/dictate/ruin the idea of ‘happiness’ in a person’s life! We all should live for ourselves and not for what others think/want/force us to be! I agree wholeheartedly…we should LIVE!!! Karoake, sky-diving, fishing off a pier, swinging in a hammock, whatever it takes to enjoy life and be happy…find it and try it (well, being mindful of the illegal or extremely dangerous stuff helps to gauge just how much living is available to you…negative things that hurt others). I completely agree with this post!

    Now, I can only speak from a general point of view for the first half of this post; but, in terms of the second half, as a male, I agree with enjoying ones own body and exploring those feelings that come from the gentle and pleasurable touches of self-caressing. There is not harm or shame in a man wrapping his hands around his own penis and stimulating the glans through leisurely and carefree stroking. Taking time to glide up and down the shaft and allowing the hands to massage the testicles…one should enjoy the feeling and just not worry about the outcome. Just be happy!! The world will not come crashing to an end before you have the chance to just enjoy yourself (for as long as you want…or as long as you can maintain!) But, again, this is from the male point-of-view!

    Thank you again, AW, for allowing us to enjoy your works and your platforms on these fantastic topics! Keep it up!!! No pun intended!

    Mr. Happy

  2. As someone told me on Facebook today, living a life of freedom, without caring about other people’ expectations or shame is frightening — for THEM. They can’t control you! Live every single day, not as if it’s your last, but as if it’s your BEST. 🙂