YouTube: A Friend Had Her Son Circumcised, and I Feel Like a Failure as an Intactivist

YouTube: A Friend Had Her Son Circumcised, & I Feel Like a Failure as an IntactivistI woke up this morning and saw a friend’s post in my Facebook feed, talking about the pain her son was in after his circumcision. I had given her so much information on the myths and lies of circumcision, but apparently, it didn’t do any good.

I failed as an activist, and I feel so badly for the boy and what he’s going through. Americans still believe the lies and prejudices of the pro-circ camp, all to the detriment of the males who have to live with their bodies being violated.

I seriously don’t know what to do or where I went wrong. With all the factual information on the functions of the foreskin and the dangers and long-term effects of circumcision I gave her, I know I covered all the bases. And I did it all calmly.

So now, I’m left with the question, “What else could I have done?”





  1. As a circumcised Jewish male, I immediately zeroed in on this article the minute it hit my reader. But I’m not there to argue pros and cons with you. I’m here to encourage you to view your efforts at activism with more self-compassion.

    With regard to eating habits, or our bodies, rational arguments may take a long time to change behavior.

    Therefore, It’s too early to say you’ve failed. Perhaps your arguments won’t sink in until she has next baby, for example. Or, perhaps she will regret her decision, and go on to persuade somebody else with her own personal experience added to your arguments. You just never know.

  2. Circumcision is the most blatant failure of the Hippocratic Oath. There is only one valid reason to remove tissue–disease/disfunction. Everything else is psychology–abnormal or otherwise–and does not pertain to the infant in question. My mother would not allow circumcision and had my Mrs. and I had children I would not have allowed it either. It’s a past time to end the barbaric practice of general mutilation.