AskTrish: Man Asks If He Should Tell Women He Dates That He’s Looking for Marriage

AskTrish: Man Asks If He Should Tell Women He Dates That He's Looking for Marriage A young man in his 20’s contacted me with an in-depth series of questions — a real doozy of a submission, I must say! There were way too many questions to answer at once and definitely too many to answer in one video. (P.S. For in-depth questions like this, book a consult. Seriously. My fees are reasonable. You get paid at your job, don’t you?)

I decided to take his last question and answer it in my latest installment of AskTrish. He wanted to know if he should tell the women he dates that he is looking for marriage. This is a complex issue, and I’m hearing from more and more men who find themselves in this situation of wanting to settle down, but the women they know don’t want to be tied down by marriage. This is a complete gender-role reversal that is upsetting the delicate balance of patriarchy … I mean, society.

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