Random: Abortion, Women’s Rights, ArousedWoman Mag, Bible vs U.S. Constitution, & more

Random: Abortion, Women's Rights, ArousedWoman Mag, Bible vs US Constitution, & moreToday, I wanted to talk about some of the topics that are currently preoccupying my psyche as I work on ArousedWoman Magazine, my other works, my upcoming book about my Congressional run last year, as well as my regular activism for women’s issues and women’s rights.

The topic that is usually foremost for me is women’s rights and women’s issues. There is still a debate being waged on my Facebook wall about why women need to have the Equal Rights Amendment passed, along with a prolonged discussion on why the Bible does not exert authority over the United States Constitution — yes, some people still need that explained to them.

I needed to get this stuff off my chest, so I wrapped it up in a video. Enjoy! 🙂