TOD: Artists Being Targeted for “Un-American” Activities

McCarthyism House Un-American Activities Blacklisting Hollywood Artists Anticommunist Literature 1950sTopic o’ the Day: Artists Being Targeted for “Un-American” Activities

My daughter is studying McCarthyism in her history class, and they’re watching the Jim Carrey film The Majestic, which takes place during that time of blacklisting artists. I have never heard of this film before, but I will see if I can watch it online.

Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible to correlate the Salem Witch Trials with the un-American activities of the assholes running the House Un-American Activities Committee. I composed my magnus opus musical, WITCHCRAZE, to correlate the Salem Witch Trials with the unconstitutional activities and un-patriotic acts of the George W. Bush & War Crimes Cronies administration. Artists are always attacked because we encourage freethinking and individualism, both of which are detrimental to those who run the establishment. And if you have never heard or seen The Cradle Will Rock, you must check it out!

Those of us on the left side of politics see the same fascist, extremist McCarthyism mentality in the Tea Party and the neo-cons of the Republican Party. And those who do pay attention to the lessons right in front of us do indeed notice that those in power keep repeating the mistakes of history for political and financial gain, all to the detriment of the people, all while demonizing those who speak out against their tyranny as “anti-Americans” and “non-patriots”.

Only time will tell if the rest of America will see through their con-game, especially as we head into the presidential election of 2016.