TOD: Getting Rid of Stress in the New Year

Nude Woman Sitting Beside Bed (peach)The Topic o’ the Day on Twitter seems to be the New Year and how we want to make changes in our lives.  Followers of ArousedWoman know that arouse means “to stir to action, to awaken”, and I am very pleased that so many people seem truly intent on making 2014 a great year, personally and collectively.

For me in 2014, I am really focusing on integrating all my different pursuits into a more cohesive, holistic path.  This is mainly because I feel like I’m being pulled in a hundred directions and not accomplishing anything.  For 2014, I have set out a plan to streamline what I do, how, and when (even while planning big projects for ArousedWoman, due out in February!).

The first step to making change for many people is to get rid of stress.  Here’s a simple way to start weeding out the bad and incorporating good influences in your daily life.

For the New Year, make a list of all the TV shows you watch, including the news and any politics programming.  Count how many shows deal with murder, violence, and negativity.  If you really want to get stress out of your life, get some of the violent and negative TV shows (including the news!) OUT of your daily life.

The news is a fear-mongering tactic to keep people in a state of panic. Ditch the news.  Remember that all of the media in North America is owned by only 6 companies. Are you actually getting the truth anyway?

I know, I know, you love these shows!  A lot of people do.  That’s why most television programming deals with murder and violence — IT SELLS!  It inundates our collective psyche.  And it undermines our individual goals and dreams.  GET RID OF IT!

A lot of people are accustomed to watching hours of TV and then the news before bedtime.  It’s no wonder so many people complain they can’t get a good night’s sleep.  You’re filling your energy field with all that fearful negativity and then entering a dream state;.  Your subconscious self has to filter out and deal with all that crap you spent hours feeding it.  It’s like gorging on a Thanksgiving feast and then having to walk 10 miles — how can you move after you’ve stuffed yourself full?  This is what you’re doing to your subconscious self right before you go to sleep when you watch 2 to 3 hours of cop shows and bitchy reality TV followed by the news.  EVERY.  NIGHT.

When you stop watching all these negative shows (and movies!), you will go thru withdrawal, but you’ll be okay.  Exercise.  Meditate.  Read.  Embroider.  Draw.  Paint.  Sing.  Dance.  Spend an hour or two just talking and spending time with your partner — AWAY from all electronics and portable, disruptive devices.  Communicate.  Make love.

Make a plan to divest yourself of negative influences and replace each one with a positive influence.  And be patient as you adjust.

I promise you’ll be happier.