TOD: A Tantra Approach & a New Mantra of “Help Others”

Kundalini-spirit-expanding-consciousnessOn Twitter tonight, I had put out a general question to see what people wanted to talk about.  As many are on the last leg of the holidays and the New Year, most are taking the time to focus on how to make 2014 better than last year, and more importantly, how to be better people in 2014.

One Tweep said he is trying to be more positive and be a man of his word, amongst other wonderful intentions.  I replied, “Good for you! More people should focus on being positive. It improves attitude and lowers stress by creating happy hormones.”

Then he said, “I live by my new mantra… help others!”

I loved this!  When you live a life of helping others, you inevitably help yourself.  It’s not about ego or attention; it’s only about being a good human.

Then, in a moment of brilliant insight, he said, “I [u]sed to say to myself ‘I’ll show them’ now I say, ‘I’ll show them… the way.'”

This is a wonderful sentiment and so in tune with a healing path.  “I’ll show them” is driven by ego and competition.  This has been the foundation of this imperial, patriarchal society for 2,500 years.  To “show them” means to attain our own sense of self-worth usually by trampling over others in the process of “winning”.  To say, “I’ll show them the way” is a spark of self-realization that you can lead while allowing others to find their path for themselves.  Recognize that not everyone is going to want to go on your path, and that’s okay.  You can’t control them, just love them.

This is the basic philosophy behind Tantra, after all.  There is no correct way or wrong way in Tantra.  Tantra is an instrument of expansion for your own growth.  Expand your own consciousness and be an example to others, and allow them to pursue their own instrument toward their own awareness of their own consciousness — their path, their way.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.


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