RADIO: Trish Causey Hosts a LIVE AskTrish Q & A – Male Sexuality

Male Nude TorsoIf you’ve ever read my AskTrish series on my blog, then you only have a small sampling of the varied kinds of questions I get from my readers.

Tonight, I’ll focus on questions regarding the penis and male sexual anatomy, since several men have written in with questions and concerns about their favorite body part… with a couple of relationship questions thrown in.

To listen and participate in the LIVE #AskTrish, check out the show at 9:00 p.m. ET:  Trish Causey Hosts a LIVE AskTrish Q & A – Male Sexuality

Questions in queue:

  • Is it possible for someone to forget how to have “good/great” sex?
  • How important is it for a man to know how to cook?
  • Cleaning process for male prostate massage?
  • Is there a certain color most glans are?
  • Man wants to tell wife his secret solo act but is scared.

Feel free to call in with YOUR question!  During the LIVE show, dial (347) 884-8792 or post your question in the online chat room.  You can also call in via Skype — click the blue Skype icon by the phone number at the top of the player when the show is LIVE.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Thanks for the fabulous show! You have such grace and intellect, and I could tell that you were putting listeners at ease, providing entertainment and informing the crowd equally. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone speak as wonderfully about anal sex—the ins and outs (ha, pun!), useful tips and debunking myths. You’re a pro, Trish!

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I so greatly appreciate your kind words. Between you and me and our blogs, we’ll get those men educated! 🙂


  3. I complete agree with August. Your style, passion, and professionalism is what compelled me to call. As my Mrs. will attest, I’m far, FAR from the most mature/comfortable talking sexuality. A Catholic upbringing and witnessing some true-to-life perversion of sexuality will do that–go figure. But as with your blog articles, your show opened the door to dialogue and my Mrs. continue the conversation beyond your show.

    Oh, side note, I have no data but I’ve read it takes three days for nicotine to cycle out of the blood stream. However, I’m finding the effects linger much longer; possibly due to the fact that I have the metabolism of a tree sloth.

    Again, great show! We’re gonna try to tune in tonight as well!