RADIO: Trish’s Womanifesto – A Treatise on Being an ArousedWoman

ArousedWoman Radio with Trish Causey - 2013Ever wondered what I mean when I say “ArousedWoman?”  Of course, you don’t!  YOU actually read my blog!  YOU actually communicate with me on Twitter or Facebook.

Sadly, many people judge my book by its Jessica Rabbit cover and move on…. sniff….  (that was a joke, people… seriously!)

Well, not any more!  I posted the first of what I hope will become an almost weekly event — Trish’s Rant!  A little time and space carved out of the universe for me to get my Irish on and tell the world how I see it.  (This probably is not for the faint of heart.)

This week’s topic is “Trish’s Womanifesto – A Treatise on Being an ArousedWoman.”

Listen to the replay, then lemme know what you think by leaving a comment at the end of this blog post.

Thank you!



  1. Wow, finally a woman who’s got something to say and it’s not about shoes!
    I like what you say but can I have it a bit more animated, I mean you’re angry, you gotta fire up, you wont scare us off, we can take it!

    I’ve really enjoyed following you for the last couple of years but it’s come to the fact that you’re an activist and although I keep my internet persona fairly well seperated from my offline life there are many connections that the NSA will make between us. Pretty soon the AFP will crash through my door and shoot my dog and confiscate my computer and haul my arse up in front of some kangaroo court on charges of associating with an activist, an enemy of the new world order……Do something about your government and their bureaucratic cronies!

    Farewell my firey Irish red headed friend, I hope you break the cycle of your pasts lives and not end up burning at the modern day stake.
    For me personally I’m hoping for the more quieter life, yeah I know, pissweak, but not a sheeple, pass me the koolaid.


  2. So….. what are you saying?….. Are you leaving Trishtopia??? NOOOOO!!!!!!

    Ignore Big Brother! How will I contact you? Smoke signals won’t carry all the way to Australialand…


  3. I tried leaving Trishtopia, I lasted less than half an hour before I had to check twitter. 🙂