RADIO: Premiere Broadcast & Live #AskTrish REPLAY

The Trish Causey Show with ArousedWoman Trish Causey - 2013Hey, everybody!

Okay, the first show is up! Please give a listen and leave your comments below. I really look forward to hearing from you. 🙂


  • Man’s girlfriend wants a threesome with her sister.
  • Man asks about overcoming addiction to smoking.
  • Man asks about change in gender roles of man staying home with kids.
  • News item – Woman in Mississippi who miscarried is accused of murder.

Listen to the replay here on ArousedWoman Radio’s page.




  1. As I’ve said before, I really enjoyed it. I would love to hear a two hour show if I didn’t have homework and class to worry about the very next day. Thanks for the shout out <3

  2. I will definitely have at LEAST one AskTrish show EACH WEEK! 🙂

    And THANK YOU!!! MWAH xoxo 🙂

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