NEWS: International Women’s Day 2013

Warrior Woman - Warrior QueenWhile I spent part of the day not engaging Twitter trolls who think women’s rights is an imaginary complaint of uppity feminists, I wanted to see what you think about being a woman, or for the men, what you like so much about the woman in your life.

Ladies, what keeps you going in spite of the struggles you face in society, in religion, in the media, the workplace?  What are the best aspects of being a woman?

Guys, what keeps you interested in women (even though we drive you crazy)?  What is it about a woman that ignites a spark in you?

What is it about Woman that inspires you?  Please leave a comment, detailing what you love about being a woman or love about women!


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  1. The women I have known are Independent ,they can think on their feet and are strong.
    Some I had to convince them of this .
    Some were shallow and weak because their significant other subjugated them .
    I find women that are genuine attractive , one that will tell me how,it is not what I want to hear.
    I also like the woman who knows her own sexuality and isn’t afraid to express it for fear propriety .
    You Trish are a light in a dark room,you keep saying what you say and keep saying it .
    Someone may learn you are right and they don’ t need to cower any more