TOD: Your Inner Diva (or Divo)

Trish Causey Autumn Queen CollageThis is the first post in a new series that I hope will get lots of people commenting and sharing their opinions — Topic o’ the Day, or TOD.

While doin’ my Tumblr thang this morning, I came across a pic of a blonde Autumn Queen photo set, which I reblogged.  But it reminded me of my own Autumn Princess/Queen photo set that I took back in November 2001, a couple weeks before I went to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

My hair was still long from my get-back-to-my-Irish-pagan-traditions time when I let my hair grow for years without any trimming — pre-natal vitamins back in 1998 had helped with that initially.  And I thought it would be a great chance to show my true witchy side with my theatrical self thrown in for good measure — after all, you can take the thespian out of the theatre, but you can’t take the theatre out of the stage ham.

Autumn is my favorite season.  Copper is my metal.  Orange (and anything red-orange, fiery) is my color.  Fire is my element.  Lava is my …  well …  Nevermind…. The Empress is my soul card.  “The Queen of the Night” (from Mozart’s The Magic Flute) was my dream role and fave aria to sing back in the day.

So everything just sort of fit together to create this Empress-inspired Autumn Princess photo set taken in my backyard.  I designed and sewed the dress and made the crown from holiday decor bits and pieces.  I grabbed one of my (many) brooms and took one of the (real) Scottish claymore swords off the wall in the livingroom.  (Medieval weaponry was a hobby of mine. Don’t ever piss me off. 😛 )

The resolution quality of the pictures is low (asshole husband didn’t want to use too much space on the camera), but I still love these pictures.  I had lost much of my post-partum weight and was looking forward to my trip to South Dakota.  Overall, I was happy at this time and feeling very good about myself.  And I think it shows.

Hard to believe these were taken 11+ years ago.  Maybe I’ll do a new set this year….

So, what does YOUR inner Diva or Divo (for guys) look like?  Who are you on the inside that maybe others don’t see?  What fabulousness lurks within?  Leave a comment below!   😀








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  1. Impressive!!! Being of what my son and I call the Druidic persuasion, we are needless to say impressed. Very “jealous” of your trip to Pine Ridge. My son and I had hoped to get that way while Russell Means was still on this side of the veil. Hero in our Clan, lol! Held a wake at his passing. Funny, growing up in Oklahoma and being Cherokee by way of family marriage, I have had a lot of interaction with many of the indigenous tribes, yet the Lakota have been the one that has pulled at me the hardest. Fair sword collection here as well, nice Claymore you display. I will say you have one hell of a tumbler page. Just set up an account myself the other day, although nothing posted so far. OK too many coincidences. Set meet.