Anatomy: Female Ejaculation and Woman’s Ability to Conceive

Female Ejaculation - Prostate Orgasm Up CloseI came across a great site about yoni and all things Tantric for women and emotionally secure men.  The blog is by a Tantrika/Dakini who is the “real deal,” not one of the so-called “urban tantra” bullshit artists.  However, the following comment one man left on her blog shows just how little is still known about women’s anatomy and sexuality in popular culture thanks to women’s sexuality being vilified by misogynist religion and ignored in Western medicine and academia, while superstitions and myths are still rampant.

(Note:  Misspellings are left in.)

i am just curious about one thing if stimulation is done aftifically with fingers on G spot its surely making pleasure for woman but does it keep woman healthy enough to be fertile and gave birth to kids after such an act. my question is can woman still conceive or become pregnant if she is ejaculating with fingers on G spot or it odes affect its reproductive system?


I just posted this response, and so far it hasn’t been approved — fingers crossed, it will be. 🙂

Dear (XXXXXX),

You seem to be more concerned with your masculinity and virility than the woman’s pleasure. Your patriarchal, misogynist ego will be pleased to know that the female prostate’s ability to induce full-body/wave orgasms and secrete prostatic fluid has nothing to do with the viability of the woman’s eggs. If you’re concerned about being able to conceive, go get your sperm count checked before assuming any conception problem’s are the woman’s fault.


Seriously.  A woman ejaculating isn’t birth control… If it were, almost every woman between the ages of 15 and 50 would be drenching the sheets — every day, twice a day!  (But please don’t let the GOP Republicans think it’s birth control ’cause they’d just criminalize that, too.)

Guys… female ejaculation is a beautiful thing.  The biggest concern you should have with helping a woman ejaculate is can you drink it all up so her love nectar isn’t wasted.

I’ve covered this all before, but let’s go over the basics of female ejaculation:

  • All women should be capable of ejaculating.  Fear of urinating is what usually stops a woman from ejaculating even if the stimulation techniques are correct.  (Other  issues that can contribute to a woman not ejaculating include being dehydrated or the emotional/psychological issues from past sexual trauma.)
  • Female ejaculate is NOT urine.  It is prostatic fluid and mostly glucose, hence its sweet flavor and labeling by the ancients as the “nectar of the gods.”
  • The amount of fluid released will vary from woman to woman — from a couple tablespoons to a couple cups of fluid, and can vary from release to release, even within the same sexual session.
  • If a woman feels pressured by her partner to ejaculate in the first place — much less burst forth a specific amount, this can activate stress hormones and prevent her from getting wet at all — even though vaginal fluid is a different cocktail than prostate fluid.

Are we clear on this?  Women experiencing mind-boggling pleasure is actually healthy  for the woman physically, emotionally, psychologically, as well as sexually.  Loving the vulva and vagina via yoni massage is one of the most beautiful  ways you can show a woman respect sexually.  And, at the risk of making men paranoid in the other direction, being able to help a woman ejaculate is super  manly!

If your woman already ejaculates on her own, ask her to show you how she does it so you can see what  she does and how  she does it.  Don’t help!!!  (Unless she asks you to.)  Just be there to lap up the delicious juices.





  1. ive seen your blog link on the aneros forum and i kind of flew over this entry. im neither a doctor nor a specialist, but i have been interested in this topic before and did some research on different sources. my conclusion is that you are right by saying that female ejaculate is not urine, BUT if you are talking about squirting i have to add this: fem. ejaculation works hand in hand with losing control of the bladder, which means that orgasm cramps push urine out, whilst the ejaculate is pushed out too. so most of the fluid will be urine.
    please correct me if i got sth wrong

  2. Yes, you’re wrong.

    “Squirting” is a crass term for female ejaculation. As I say frequently, if the bladder is emptied before sex, then the fluid expelled from the urethra is going to be prostate fluid (because the bladder is empty of urine).

    However, some people may have a urination fetish and purposely release urine, but this is NOT what I’m speaking about when I use the term “female ejaculation,” which is the release of prostatic fluid.


  3. I experienced this a long tim ago while performing cunnilingus , she ejaculated in my face and the first thought was IKK she peed on me , I could taste the saltiness ,and realised it was something else ,
    I asked her if she had done that before ,she said when I get off I do .
    I fingered her to another orgasm and saw the release .
    I saw the comments about this here and am amazed at the misinformation that is out there .
    You are right about Religion being Misogynic , What gravels me the most is the “Value ” they put on Virginity.
    I am glad there are women like you out there spreading truth , Women should enjoy sex and there shouldn’t be reprecussions ,