DailyOJ 09-06-12: Same Ol’ Blended O With a Dash of Something New

So… this will be quick… ya know… like sex after you’ve been married a long time.

This session was almost identical to my last session, mainly because the storm energy was still buzzing through the air, and I still felt the effects of that weird buzzy-ness.  Electric.  (I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs, so I know it’s naturally induced.)  Also, my clit was there but still not as enthused as I would have liked.  The hands-on blended O went to orgasm (rather delicious actually), but oddly, I was waiting for my clit to reach orgasm not my prostate.  Usually, the reverse is true.

This blended O felt more vaginal/full-body waves-centric as a result.  The emphasis was on my left hand thrusting in and out of my vagina at rapid speed, rather than my other hand going crazy with clit circles.  Usually during blended orgasms, my left hand actually pauses at the entrance, still “connected” to my prostate, while my right hand circles my clit like a madwoman.  My left hand will then thrust a few times here and there to maintain the orgasms till I can’t do any more.

So this session was very similar with the one addition of a peculiar feeling after the hands-on blended orgasm set.

As soon as the main part of my orgasm(s) had stopped, I laid back on the bed — not crunching forward, not arching back, just laying back catching my breath.  I suddenly felt the want of emotion rising up.  This completely surprised me.  I have never felt emotion (the need or want to cry) except after solo, deep-thrust-triggered A-spot/uterine orgasms.  Not even using a toy to stimulate my prostate for blended O’s brings emotion.  I waited to see if it induced tears, but no, it did not.

After a few minutes as observationist, the emotional feeling faded, or more accurately, was absorbed into my self.  I certainly would have allowed the emotion.  But this was so new, I tried to watch its journey from inside my body, curious to observe why emotion from a blended orgasm, where did the emotion stem from — my core as uterine orgasms do, or from my heart chakra as most of my emotional orgasms do, or somewhere else?

This orgasm session was a completely new experience for me.  Honestly, I was a wee bit disappointed when I did not cry.  But I was so interested in this development, I just laid in bed and let it sink in.

Then, yes, I went for Sparkles… huge, numerous, loud orgasms ensued; cried because they were so awesome, neighbors called the police to complain about the noise, yadda, yadda.

(Just kidding about the police.)

Aroused and rising up,


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  1. Okay, where to begin? Not being intimately familiar with the equipment, I’m confused by a lot of the terminology and reference to physiological reactions in your blogs. For example, I don’t understand “Sparkles”. I don’t get the connection of the clitoris to the prostate either. My best guess is that you have a finger in both sides of your body?
    Perhaps this blog is simply intended for ladies. Well and good if this is so. Please pardon my ignorance but that’s just it: I’m ignorant. I might not be able to fully appreciate the blog but I love the layout of this site and the pictures you post here. Your site feels like a very comfortable place and I thank you for it, ma’am.

  2. Hey, Daniel!

    Thanks so much for posting a reply. You bring up an excellent point, which is why I greatly value the Replies left by my readers!

    As I’ve gone on this journey for the past year, some situations and reactions have been similar while others have been wildly different. I’ve created my own short code in some instances, and my own terms because terms for what I experience don’t exist — mainly because women’s sexuality has not been valued enough to devote time and research as academia and science have with men’s sexuality.

    My shorthand then is to not bore my regular readers with “same ol’, same ol'” info. But I realize that new readers need some background into, so I link through to previous posts, especially on anatomy and posts that document big revelations in my sexual awakening.

    But you have inspired me to create a “Start Here” post so that newbies can catch up quickly. Maybe even a Trish’s Glossary. 🙂

    I can’t guarantee that I”ll get to it today, but I WILL. 🙂 Promise. Until then, feel free to have a look around. Start with either the archives: http://arousedwomanblog.com/2012/02/ … or for my Orgasm Journal, start with the DailyOJ thread: http://arousedwomanblog.com/category/dailyoj/page/3/ –> scroll to the bottom and read up.

    Hope that helps. And be on the look out for the Glossary and the Start Here pages.

    THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Thank you for replying. I didn’t expect such a quick response. Have a good one.

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