MyTweet & Comments 08-15-12: Freethinking Utopia & the 2012 Election

As the negativity on Twitter has compelled me to lay low on the social networking site, I did pop in to update my tweeps on AW’s growing stats and readership (<– shameless plug!).  And of course, I like to chat with my like-minded free-thinkers.

Without waxing too poetic, I’m finding the negativity of politics too much to tolerate.  I don’t watch “the news” and I don’t even have a TV (gave it away).  But 2012 is an important year in women’s rights as well as for the country as a whole.  As much as I want to live in my hippy free-love Utopia, I know that is not a real possibility… for now… For now, we must be vigilant and ensure the GOP doesn’t win the White House.  VOTE, PEOPLE!

Anyhoo, had this chat with a friend, and it brought a smile to my face.  So Twitter isn’t evil all the time. 😀


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