MyTweets 08-09-12: Lost Followers Due to Talking about Rape Culture

Today, Twitter allowed me the opportunity to talk about my own experience of being raped and why I didn’t report it to the police.  Because of shame, I never told anyone for years, much less explained the details.  It was oddly freeing to talk about it, even from the computer… or maybe because I was talking from the computer.

At my age, I can talk about anything in front of an audience, and yes, I could talk about my rape.  But I know many women who still cannot talk about their rape experience.  So if I inadvertently piss off some followers by talking openly and honestly about rape, then so be it.

The great thing about Twitter is how people can find each other and talk about situations that most effect us — even very personal, life-changing experiences like childbirth, divorce, and abuse.

I posted this tweet after seeing a hashtag for #RapeCulture, and began talking about my experience being raped and why I stayed silent.


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