‘Aroused Woman’ BLOG Has New Site Name

Speaking of AW’s new Twitter handle and Facebook page (which all of you should follow and “Like,” respectively!), I should also mention that this blog has a shiny new address as well.

The direct site name is now ArousedWomanBlog.com.  It’s still on WordPress, but this new name is shorter to type and easier to remember than the WP shortlink: http://wp.me/2cu4Y

AND I’m in talks with my branding firm about a radio show devoted to Women’s Rights & Sexuality — everything I write about here on AW blog.  (Yes, I’ll still talk about female orgasm!)

So stay tuned for all the awesomeness that is in the works.  And please share this blog with everyone you know.

The female body is beautiful, and it’s high time we talked about the body and her natural functions and incredible capabilities out in the open like adults.  It’s really the only way we’ll ever earn respect — to respect our selves first.

May the vagina be with you!


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Visit the AW site: Aroused Woman