“Aroused Woman” is Changing the World

Or so it seems… 🙂

Today was a great day for getting the word out about women’s rights and women’s sexuality (and I didn’t even have to write about my hours of orgasms this morning to instigate it! HA!). Below are just a few of the tweets and comments from AW readers & my Tweet peeps in the past 24 hours.

From the Twitterverse, where you can find me @TrishCausey:

Maria a.k.a. @BarrelOfOranges, an anti-circumcision intactivist and super awesome won’t-take-shit kinda woman (must be Irish :)…) wrote:

“Activists changing the world…” and included me the group.

I cannot tell you how awesome that makes me feel. As activists, we don’t always see the fruits of our labor on a daily basis — we can work for years just to change one law. But this was wonderful. Thank you, Maria!

I got #FF’s (Follow Friday) from some great peeps including @NatlWOW. And I’m loving the chats with @COsB52bomb, @FeminaziStud, @Caitlin2156, and the loud-mouth @TheXClass, to name a few.

One of my former voice students and fellow activists, @PerryMJones, wrote:

“I love Twitter mostly bc of the controversy @TrishCausey knows how to stir! Keep it up, girl! 🙂 #arousedwoman

… bestowing upon AW our first hashtag: #arousedwoman. Awesome! Let’s use it up and wear it out!!!

After I tweeted: “I lose 3+ followers w/ every breast/clit post I write. But gained a few w/ anti-circ,” my vagina-rights’ buddy @HumanChoices wrote me:

“I’m not sure what the hell is wrong with those fickle tweeters, but SOMETHING certainly is. You rock! :-)”

Jerry, a.k.a., @JBucknoff, who first told me about Lauren Odes being fired for being too busty, wrote me today:

“Saw the new post. This was mostly in the local (NY City) news so it came to my attention. Now ABC news & you R making it global.”

Thank you, my lovely tweeps!

And an AW reader emailed me with this today:

“… just putting into practice some basic principles I gathered from reading about the way men think women enjoy sex and the way they actually enjoy it, my girlfriend said “Who are you?” after making love to her one day. That made me feel great because I knew I succeeded in treating her just how she wanted to be treated and in the way I hope to always treat her from now on.”


That is what we want to see and hear!!!  We LOVE men!  We don’t hate men!!  And this kind of gentle metamorphosis in perspective and approaching sex/making love is EXACTLY why I started this!  OMG! I could orgasm right now …. wait… I think I did. 😛

I’ve also been toying with the idea of having an online forum so that we can all learn from each other. Here’s a demo with some faux posts in the Main Forum — it doesn’t look all spiffy right now. But I’ve used this system on another site, and it’s an incredible learning tool as well as for sharing info about our fave topics, such as women’s rights, women’s bodies, and women’s sexuality… and the extended rights issues such as ending male circumcision, changing the soci-cultural perception of body image, promoting women-friendly erotica, etc. I can’t afford the Forum right now, so if anyone wants to donate some pennies, use the PayPal button to the right. Would be greatly appreciated!

All in all, a FABULOUS day!

May the Vagina be with you!


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  1. ‘We love men’

    Right on. One of the true tenets of feminism is loving everyone. Feminism is often unique in that once we recognise the systematic, historical misogyny, all other pockets of oppression become exceptionally clear, and therefore intolerable.

  2. You *lose* followers with *those* magnificent posts on breasts and on the clitoris? 😯

    Anyway, I’m glad you do *not* adjust what you write to what those morons want to read 😀

    Plus, I basically agree with what the people you just quoted say: Your blog is great! I highly appreciate what you’re doing here, and I highly appreciate all the insight you provide 😎

    Thank you!

  3. I think there is a huge problem with the term “feminism” in general: It is highly ambiguous. There are many groups of people calling themselves “feminists”. But their ideas and attitudes are highly divergent (in particular when it comes to sex).

    That is the reason why I personally try to avoid the term at all. And if someone else calls herself/himself a “feminist”, s/he needs to elaborate on what s/he *means* by this term.

    Plus, I personally think that the very term “feminism” lures people into making up gender boundaries and gender issues where there are none in my perception. E.g., for me, loving everyone is an ideal I strive after as a way of living in general. I would never have thought about considering that attitude “feminist” in the first place (and neither would I have thought about considering it “masculinist”, for that matter). It is just right, regardless of gender.