DailyOJ 05-15-12: Nipple Sensitivity & Energy in My Legs

In the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to get back into my practice. After the debacle (with a couple of morons) on the forum, I didn’t do anything AWESOM for 2 months.  In the interim, I finally tried the easy clit stim and was shocked by the fabulous results I had with it as well as went a couple rounds with my new glass prostate wand and have loved playing with that ever since.

Oddly enough, I began to experience painful sensitivity in my nipples. Not the whole breasts, just the nipples.  This was horribly sad because I have begun to rely on nipple stim as the appetizer that leads to the entree of arousal and delectable orgasmic desert(s) later on.  Also, since beginning a regular-ish practice of sensual massage, I’ve found my hands on my breasts almost constantly whenever I’m naked.  (That may seem weird, but since I spent most of my life hating my breasts, I’m actually just getting to know them.)

Nipple stimulation leads to a cervical, Kundalini orgasm in 10 to 30 seconds.  If I continue the nipple and breast stimulation (as I’m wont to do), I can even get aroused enough to experience what author Diana Richardson calls the “YES!” of vaginal arousal, where the vaginal opening (the clitoral cuff of the PC muscles) opens and a finger or toy slides right in — no wiggling past the fleshy opening necessary to enter.  The first time I felt my vagina open like that, it was as if my vulva was sighing a sweet, “Ahhhhh….”  It felt amazing.  Since then, I can sense when my vagina is open like that, waiting to be entered by… something.  In fact, I’ve found myself awakening in the middle of the night from a sexual-infused dream and without touching my shaved vulva, I can tell I’m fully opened and in “YES!” mode.

With little notice, my nipples became painfully sensitive a few weeks ago.  Even the air flow from the ceiling fan was painful.  This made me pay attention to the rest of the breast (which, admittedly, is overlooked by men as well).  I can only surmise that the pain was related to my hormonal cycles — it began a week after my period, through ovulation (think I caught the egg this month!), and a week after.  This past week has been miraculously back to normal in sensation.  However, the cervical O’s only came back in the last day or two, and they’re not as strong — but I did notice that the intensity is building back.  Will have to work on those. 🙂

As for the energy in my legs, I don’t have much to report other than I’ve noticed weird pulsating, energy zaps down the backs of my legs recently.  It feels like contractions (but not like a leg cramp).  It’s as if it’s building energy, starting in my lower glutes/upper hamstrings and down to my calves.  Strong sensations but not unpleasant.

I had full-body O’s during this last session with lots of energy in my legs — which is great because my legs are strong and tend to be very active during the last phase of arousal (shaking profusely) and during orgasms themselves (kicking out, pulling up, kicking out again, etc.).  I can even feel my prostate coming back to life, which had also gone dormant in recent months.

As for regular orgasms, I’ve had my orgasms in the past few weeks, but they hadn’t been as satisfying as I’ve become accustomed since last Fall.  I don’t know if this is related to the nipple pain or not. The breasts are indeed the gateway to orgasm (for me, anyway), so that may have been the cause for (what I consider) the lackluster orgasms — they were localized to the genitals, and even when they extended upward, they weren’t full-body… more … one-hit of orgasm, but not even an explosion.  (Yes, this was with blended O stim.)

On the brighter side, I woke up from some sensual dream at 3:45 a.m. today, and unable to sleep, I laid in bed as I do with my legs spread open and massaged my breasts and labia.  It was fabulous.  I can’t count the number of cervical O’s I had with the breast stimulation, and even had a couple of energy zings from minor OM clit stimulation.

Will have to see where all this leads next… Being on my period, I won’t be able to play inside until Saturday or Sunday… well, I could, but man, I hate the “Clean up, aisle 12” scenario.  Guess it’s just me and my breasts till then!


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  1. Admittedly, I just heard about this “YES” sensation for the first time ever. It sounds intriguing, though 😉

    Now, I may get a little nosey:

    Some time ago, I learned about the “vaginal ache”, i.e. a sudden desire to be filled in the depths of your vagina, which may occur at very high levels of arousal.

    I can’t remember you mentioning this feeling. Would you mind me asking if you know about it, and if so: do you think it is somehow related to this opening of the vaginal opening?
    [Okay, maybe “vaginal ache” is simply a different name for this “YES” feeling 😉 ]

    Secondly: When it comes to the sensations in your legs: May I ask if you would describe those as a kind of vibrational feeling?

  2. You HAVE to ask me this while I’m eating POTSTICKERS! Argh! You know how I feel about potstickers!! They’re my sexual fetish replacement for sucking testicles. 😀 Let me get done savoring these yummy delights, and I’ll gladly give this topic a whirl.

  3. Trish, I’m curious about nipples (well, aren’t we all?!) My wife has always been a very strongly sexual woman with amazing orgasms. She did not believe me when I told her when we first started going out in grad school that hers were the strongest I’ve ever known a woman to have. That being said, her nipples have always been, well, a zero for her. She likes that I like them (and I do take good care of them 🙂 and it is pleasant for here but they have never, ever been connected to her clitoris in anyway.

    Is that unusual?? I have been with women before (many, many moons ago!) that could orgasm from just touching the nipples gently. I have tried almost everything I could think of to gently stimulate them but to no avail. I DO NOT pressure her in anyway and am very comfortable with the way things are . I only wish they gave her more pleasure. Funny, enough, mine are so sensitive that it seems to make up for it!

    Any thoughts??

  4. Hey, Cole!

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment. 🙂 Do I have any thoughts on this? OF COURSE, I DO! 🙂 So much so, I’m going to use this GREAT question as an AskTrish post, if you don’t mind. Just let me know.

    Thank YOU! xoxo