NEWS: The War on Women

With the current political climate in the United States, tensions are running higher than ever in the battle for women’s rights. In fact, the GOP’s consistent disregard for a woman’s sovereignty over her own body has been dubbed the “War on Women.”

In the world of social networking, the hashtagged terms #waronwomen and #wherearethewomen have hundreds of thousands of women following the Twitterverse updates on their phones as well as articles and editorials in the online blogosphere. This unity of women extends beyond the borders of the U.S., as women around the world are beginning to #occupy their bodies and the legislatures to end the #waronwomen and our bodies.

Whether the topic is birth control, pregnancy, body piercing, or genital mutilation, or forced sterilization, women must be in control of what happens to and in out bodies.

The Republicans in Congress are leading the charge against women. Congress has repealed the Violence Against Women Act, which changes the legal deifnition of rape. As if the the Susan G. Komen kerfuffle and the attempt to de-fund Planned Parenthood wasn’t bad enough. Sandra Fluke became a household name when the all-male committee on the women’s birth control panel had no women on its team and refused to hear Fluke’s testimony.

And it’s only April. Presidential elections aren’t until November. This will be a long year, kids.

I recently posted the following as my status update on Facebook and Twitter:

Hey, #GOP! I’m ovulating. Would u like 2 come over 2 catch my egg b4 it’s flushed down the toilet when I go 2 the bathroom? #waronwomen #fem2 #women

Aside from a few snickers from men, my point was made, and I am just one woman who is speaking out against the tide of oppression powered by the GOP’s medieval mentality.

With the Republicans claiming they know best in all matters of a woman’s body, incensed women around the country have bombarded the Facebook accounts of religious, conservative Republican legislators. Women have been leaving messages about their periods, bloating, cramps, ovulating, hormonal fluctuations, mood swings, what kind of bra to buy, the best cure for a vaginal yeast infection, soothing tender breasts, requesting breastfeeding tips, and so much more.

Interestingly, I don’t think any of these male right-wing nut-jobs was able to offer any advice. On another forum, I’ve recently had my own run-in with men who think they know the female body and female orgasm better than women do. And this guy wasn’t even American. So clearly, the problem exists everywhere, which means the #waronwomen is far from over.

The bad news is that this is just the middle of the war, each week brings a new battle, it seems. The great news is that women in America are not sitting idly by and hoping for the best. Women are taking to the streets to protest the right-wing’s  agenda and networking online and via social media to connect and get the word out. We don’t need an imaginary warrior princess to save us from the bad guy. And the war won’t end with the elections in November.

Every woman has the capacity to be a Warrior Queen, fighting for her right and all of our rights to have control over our bodies.


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  1. Now, it is a great idea to make those GOP guys look ridiculous by putting their “expert knowledge” to the test *thumbsup*

    Err… Let me guess: Some of them even recommended praying to resolve period issues etc?

  2. Wahaha! I’m sure they prayed we women will just go away… But we’re NOT! We’re in this shit storm for the long haul. There is just too much at stake — namely a women’s right to choose what happens to her body, and the precedent we are setting for our daughters. And guys, don’t think this is just a woman’s issue… the GOP will find ways to govern your bodies as well — they will do whatever they need to in order to stay in power and growing their wealth.

  3. Now, haven’t they done so already?

    Sure, men’s bodies are not as often the subject of public discussion as women’s bodies. But there *are* problems, as well.

    Just think about the attitude of many an authoritarian regarding semen: “No sperm may be wasted”. That is the very attitude you satirize in your tweet on ovulation. But for men, it is *real*.
    (Okay, ovulating is not a matter of choice. If it were, those people would probably forbid it, as well)

    A few more words on those protest mails: To a huge degree, authoritarian ideologies base on hypocrisy, deception/self-deception, and even on creating/intensifying the very problems they claim to be solving (just think of the “war on drugs”). In many cases, the best way to fight them is to reveal those inconsistencies. And these mails are a great example in doing right this 😉

  4. Keep in mind that one argument that religious fanatics have had against men masturbating is that the semen is being wasted … or used for “recreation” rather than used for procreation. 🙂 Again, this is a man’s choice NOT to use his semen toward creating a child, just as a man can use a condom during sex, withhold ejaculating during sex (or pull out), etc. Men are making the decision, the CHOICE, not to become a father just as a woman has the right to choose not to become a mother.