DailyOJ 03-26-12: Glass Toy Attempt #2 Ends With Success!

I just wrote up my review for the Don Wands Pink Bent Graduate glass dildo, but I thought I would also describe my experience with using it, in case it helps other women (or men) figuring out how to use a toy such as this.

I recently bought another penis-shaped vibrator that turned out to be huge — it’s something that might be standard fare at one of Caligula’s horse parties.  Thus, it is rarely used.  My usual penis-shaped vibrator is a great size and fits well in my hand.  It is my usual go-to appendage when I’m feeling like using a toy, as opposed to “all hands on deck,” which is another renewed hobby and fabulously satisfying. (Note:  I don’t use the vibration as I am a Recovering Vibratoraholic.  In fact, they don’t even have batteries in them.)

The first time I used the Don Wands Pink Bent Graduate in Glass, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it since it isn’t “full” in shape like a penis-shaped toy. It isn’t that long, either, so there is no sense of “fullness” at all, which left me to wonder why the heck bother?  Except that from everything I’ve read about female ejaculation, being “full” actually compresses the prostate which prevents the release of the prostatic fluid/ejaculate.

I must have been in a hurry that day, because I gave up on the glass dildo and went for my usual toy.  Changing in midstream did effect the outcome, but not in a good way.  Of course, I orgasmed, but it wasn’t the blended O’s I’m used to achieving.  Frankly, it was a weird overall feeling.

This glass dildo had apparently awakened parts of me that don’t normally get aroused — either because my fingers aren’t long enough to reach inside or the penisy toys are too full and not as “directional” as the smaller glass dildo.  So switching toys meant the newly stimulated areas of my anatomy were no longer getting attention as my usual hotspots began to get turned on by my usual toy and usual stimulation .

Saturday night, I reached for this glass dildo for its sophomoric performance, determined to just allow and feel, and this must have been the right mindset.  I got into the groove of using this toy and felt sensations in the anterior part of the vagina immediately, so I knew it really was affecting my prostate.

I realized that the emphasis of the movement needs to be different that using a penisy toy.  I sometimes use just the head of the penisy toy to stimulate my prostate because it has a slight curve to the shaft, and that feels great. But because of the dirth and rigidity of the toy, it “feels” as if it’s hitting too broad an area and not providing localized stimulation of the prostate.  (Don’t ask me to explain that.  This is my experiential observation, so it’s not up for scientific review or the third degree.)

Rather than making the emphasis on the thrust inward (as we’re so used to doing), I made more of a dragging upward and outward motion, and THAT was the key to using this glass dildo.  Doing this perfectly strokes the various parts of my She Spot zone as well as puts pressure on my actual prostate.  It reached the very back of the She Spot area, where the ridgy prostate area melds into the silky smooth anterior wall of the vagina — this is about the limit of where my fingers can reach most of the time.  I also really liked the fact that I could move the glass dildo side to side and feel those sensations as it moves horizontally across the She Spot zone.  (Yes,  a woman CAN feel different movements in the upper part of the vagina).

Long story short (I’d hate to bore you with all the details :-), I again felt sensations specifically to my prostate area that I haven’t experienced since November.  The feeling of needing to urinate hit several times, so I knew I was on the right track.  I get the sensation of the need to urinate during my usual practice, but this was much more intense and insistent, and the feeling happened repeatedly throughout — welcome signs, for sure!

I pushed out several times to help encourage the flow of juices, and though I didn’t actually ejaculate, I do think I might achieve full-on female ejaculation if I keep practicing with this toy.  That feeling of “Yes, I’m about to ejaculate!!  Oh, no, I’m about to ejaculate — and soak the bed, and scare the neighbors with my orgiastic screams of delight” inner conflict might have been the trigger that stopped me from hitting the ejac jackpot.

Now in harmony with how this guy operates, I had a series of delicious orgasms that were familiar and yet new, and yet harkened back to what I felt in November.  This was my first time using the glass toy all the way through to orgasm, and it more than proved its worth.  I feel that I’m once again at the threshold of awakened prostate orgasm glory, and I’m taking this glass dildo with me to the other side.

I woke up the next morning, and was inspired to try both dildos again to see if I could transition without losing emerging sensations and arousal.  I’m happy to report, that yes, indeed, starting with the glass toy and switching to the penisy toy can be done very successfully.  I enjoyed the numerous orgasms induced by the session and even went back for seconds while the aftershocks here still in high gear (about 10 minutes later), starting a new series of orgasms and palpable aftershocks / contractions of every part of my sexual organs and my abdominals for almost an hour.  Now, this how you spend a lazy day in bed.

Another much welcomed sensation occured this morning, as I was sitting in my office chair and felt my prostate give a few pulses — sensations I haven’t felt in months.  This was a “Eureka!” moment, and this is the main reason I will keep using the Don Wands Pink Bent Graduate in Glass.  Though I know my prostate and She Spot are alive and well thanks to the ability to have my blended orgasms — I can feel the changes in size and texture to my She Spot zone when I use my fingers to stimulate her — I want the truly awakened prostate feelings I had a few months ago.  And it seems, I may have finally found the missing ingredient to this orgasmic recipe for stirring my prostate to life.

Aroused and journaling,




  1. Nice review, but I can’t help thinking that the glass toy wouldn’t be better with a lot more angle on it, almost like a candy cane, save reaching down so far. I can’t seem find a decent glass toy that’s curved to that extent.
    Please tell me I’m wrong about the angles.

  2. More angle? Youch! 🙂 I actually spent quite some time looking at this one (that I got) and the Crystal Wand that’s practically an “S”… The Crystal Wand is recommended specifically for female prostate stim & female ejac. However, it costs a little more than this one, so I wanted to give this one a try first — mainly because it’s my 1st glass toy (wasn’t sure if the upkeep would be annoying). I was also thinking that if there is more curve to it, then the part of the toy hitting the prostate is more like the tip. With this glass toy, the whole thing (the end with several bulbous parts) strokes the entire prostate and the other end provides plenty of “handle” to hold on to. NOT having a long enough “handle” is my MAIN complaint with most toys — I’m sorry, but the little cap that holds in the batteries is NOT enough to hold on to! 🙂 This glass toy is also a great length for the vagina — the average woman’s vagina is only 3-4 inches long.

    But P, if you DO come across the kind of glass (or silicone?) toy you’re looking for, PLEASE let me know!

    And for anyone else reading this, do NOT actually put a candy cane in a woman’s vagina. Aside from the peppermint which can irritate the delicate tissues of the vagina, the sugar will be ready food for bacteria and can cause true health problems.

    Thanks, P, for leaving a comment!!!! Hope to hear from you again!

  3. I have the crystal wand, in fact, I have the original one and their later ‘deluxe’ version. I took a look at a pic of your one, it looks great, I really like the shapes on the ends, if I didn’t already have two I’d be buying this as well! My so-called deluxe has that cool bulbous thing, but the rest is very very thin, so harder to keep in place for hands-free. (I think it might double for anal but I’ve not gone that far cos once it’s used for that I can’t use it for ‘regular’ anymore.
    My original wand (I think this was the first one ever on the market way back when) – the classic S shape one you mention – I need to explore it again, esp after your descriptions here about getting up into the anterior wall…. Personally I think you’ve got a keeper and don’t need those other ones.
    I also agree with you I’d like longer handles!

  4. Hey, Deva!

    I love the idea of being hands’ free… but so far haven’t found a toy I can keep in. I think my muscles are too used to pushing out with the prostate — I NEVER squeeze up and in on purpose. If my body does that, then that’s her doing. 😀

    Also, you can use any vaginal toy anally — that feels good for you — IF you use a condom on the toy during anal play. And I would give it a good wash off as well. And crystal/glass toys can definitely be boiled to sterilize if you feel that strongly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean it.

    Thanks for leaving a comment!


  5. Hey Trish!

    (yeh, finally commenting, haha)

    The crystal wands, are, I think, acrylic, not sure if they’re boilable. Would love to know! But condom seems like a good idea.

    It’s interesting you write about pushing out – that’s obviously a good tip for female prostate joy! I’m in the process of getting my PF fit sexually fit again, and I’m making sure that there’s the slight pushing out, and also complete relaxation after the PF squeeze. I can really see how important it is to train the muscles to push out!