DailyOJ 01-20-12: Female Ejaculation Discussed Further

January 20, 2012

The key to Female Ejaculation — the wet orgasm — depends on your lady and where her spot(s) are, how they respond to stimulation, and even where they move to during arousal.  Most women who ejaculate do so from direct stimulation of the female prostate.

As the giver, use your fingers and curl them up in the “come hither” position.  Anchor your fingertips against the inside of the pubic bone (on the prostate), and move the prostate itself — not circles ON the prostate, you’re actually moving the prostate against the pubic bone.  Also, hold your other hand on the mons veneris and lower abs just at the pubic bone.  (Remember, the lower abs are responsible for delicious coregasms!) This way you’re stimulating the full prostate region from inside as well as the outside.  As above, so below.

Also, near orgasm — for the wetter variety — the woman needs to push out like she’s going to the bathroom, not pull up and in.  And don’t press so much on the prostate at that point.

You can also tap the opening of the urethra — the U-Spot — for extra sensation — it is encircled by erectile tissue, just like that at the top of the penis.  There is also a small “spot” of erogenous tissue just above the urethral opening and below the clit.  Tap or stroke this as well for more incredible sensations.

I hope I will have more to report on my adventures with female ejaculation.  And in case I didn’t mention it earlier, here’s one last “tip” on female ejaculation. Since most of the female prostate tissue is toward the opening of the vagina, you may not want a penis or large toy inserted fully.

Fingers might be best, but if doing penile / toy penetration, then use just the head.  Or use a G-Spot toy specifically designed for female prostate stimulation.  The width of the penis or a large toy during full insertion can “choke” off the prostate’s fluid, which hinders the water flow or waterfall / geyser effect you’re going for.  That doesn’t necessarily affect the orgasm fabulousness itself, just the amount of “rainfall”.

Just follow these tips to get a great weather prediction: “High ‘precipitation’ with a chance of orgasm!”

Aroused and wet,

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  1. Wow thank you for the tips! After I visited ifeelmyself.com from a link you posted and observed a couple of women reaching the point of ejaculation, I became fascinated with the concept. Just a couple of days ago while we were making love, my girlfriend asked me to hold back from my strong, deep thrusts because she didn’t want to make a mess. I assured her she did not need to worry and that I was actually very interested in stimulating her to the point of ejaculating, partially because of my curiosity and partially because of my desire to pleasure her. I am hoping we will have a chance to try out your tips this weekend and meet with success!

  2. Awesome!!! One thing to remember is that depending how how her anatomy is configured, female ejaculation may not be possible with penile penetration — the girth of the penis can “choke off” the prostate from being able to fill with fluid (for the ejac part). So fingers might be the best choice — they are more directional for stimulating the various zones in the vagina, AND you can feel the changes in the prostate that signal where she is in her arousal. Make sure this is FOR HER. 😀 You’ll get enough enjoyment out of watching and causing the FE. 😀 And she’ll be extremely wet and probably really ready for penetrative sex at that point. But give her time to process physically and emotionally what’s just happened. She may be self-conscious about soaking the bed or how she looked during orgasm. Let her know that none of that matters! That is was beautiful.

    Also, she may learn to ejaculate over time, i.e., the first time may be a sequential release of fluid over the course of near orgasmic arousal AND the orgasm(s) itself. Not all FE is the geyser/sudden expulsion of fluid. Assure her there is no failure here. This is supposed to be for pleasure; she’s not being graded. There’ no winning or losing. There’s just practice, practice, practice.

    A side note on the deep thrusts — deep penetrative thrusts, whether with a penis or a toy, stimulate the A-Spot/AFE zone, a spot at the top of the vagina. A-spot/uterine orgasms are intensely emotional. I don’t know your girlfriend, but she might have been sensing the physical sensation of emerging emotion (which can be really cool or really scary. 🙂 …). I wrote about it in today’s post, so be sure to read it.

    Also check out some of my other posts: REVIEW: Yoni Massage, and this one on Prostate Awakening.

    BTW, impending ejac is often felt like the need to go to the bathroom. She should always go to the bathroom before sex, that way when she has that feeling to urinate, she’ll know it’s just the prostate kicking in. That fear of urinating is what holds a LOT of women back from being fully orgasmic, and therefore, from being fully sexual/sensual. Who knows, she might even start having urination orgasms. 😀

    Keep me posted on how it goes!!!