DailyOJ 12-19-11, Part 2: Benefits of Breathing

December 19, 2011, Part 2

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And for a quick follow-up to the female prostate discussion… I came across another thread on a sex forum, and one of the people mentioned he wasn’t sure if women experienced the same feelings of prostate arousal during sex/lead-up to orgasm.  So I’m re-posting here because I’d love to read what other chix have experienced with their female prostate — or what you guys have been told your female partners experiences.

YES!, a woman who knows the feeling of her female prostate CAN feel wonderful feelings through deep breathing.  By “deep breathing,” I mean using yogic ujjayi breathing which is an abs & ribs-centric breathing method (lower and middle abdominal muscles as well as exterior and interior intercostal muscles at the ribcage).

To do ujjayi breathing properly, you should feel as if you’re expanding your abdomen out while breathing in, bringing the air all the way down to the pelvic diaphragm.  If a woman has enough body awareness through yoga, dance, maybe even Pilates, and plain ol’ self-exploration, she CAN feel the expansive nature of her prostate when it is aroused or in the beginning phase of arousal.

On a side note, breathing can actually intensify (!!!) the feelings occurring in the female prostate.  There is a pain / pleasure aspect of this arousal that takes a little getting used to, but once you do, it’s addictive (i.e., ALL pleasure!), and you just want more and more and more.  Big belly breaths trigger the prostate’s intense waves of arousal, and slower, more shallow (less belly) breathing can tame the female prostate’s arousal.

I figured out long ago that taking three deep belly breaths just before orgasm intensified my orgasm immensely — oxygen is great for orgasms!  Adding my aroused prostate and purposeful, aware breathing throughout the arousal process to the mix is a guarantee of stellar orgasms in my bliss repertoire nowadays.

Aroused and breathing,

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