DailyOJ 12-08-11: Breasts & Yoni Massage

December 8, 2011

(*In response to a gentleman’s comment about nipple stimulation.*)

I’d LOVE to hear what nipple stimulation “techniques” are most preferable to men — gentle squeezing of the nipple, stroking of the nipple-areola complex? Something stronger? Pectoral massage? Hmmm?

Unfortunately, I think most young guys get their notion of how to treat breasts from watching porn.  Personally, the way men (and women) treat breasts in porn is down right horrible, in my opinion.  Clearly porn is for the male voyeur who doesn’t realize that such man-handling HURTS!  If you watch the women on IFeelMyself.com, you can see how real women treat their breasts.  It’s very loving —  even when we’re highly aroused, we are NOT rough, groping, pawing, lifting / dropping the breast(s). OUCH!

It’s weird to talk about breasts because usually (for me) it is in a negative way due to many negative experiences with men (who like to grope things that aren’t theirs).  But I am now in a much better place emotionally and mentally with my breasts because of doing sensual massage (and yoni massage down lower has been amazingly rewarding), and generally realizing my breasts aren’t the enemy (and neither are men ).

When you hate one part of your body, it’s difficult to love yourself as a whole — you feel separated from an intrinsic part you. Breastfeeding my daughter actually pushed me further from my breasts emotionally because it was not a good experience for me (though, I would do breastfeeding again because it is the best source of nutrition for a child).

But if other women can re-examine their relationship with their breasts, or their clitoris, their vulva, vagina, female prostate(!!!), et al, then the we can heal individually, and that will help women heal as a community.  Just imagine the energy shift and power surges if every woman in the world actually LOVED herself?!

Aroused and massaging,

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