NEWS: No Women on House of Representatives’ Birth Control Panel

by Trish Causey
Originally Published February 17, 2012

In yet another egregious action by the neo-cons of the United States’ central government, House Republicans created a panel to discuss birth control insurance coverage, and yet, no women were invited to participate.

On the Democratic Congressional Committee website, they have a petition going, “Where Are the Women?” and every woman should sign it:

“Join Leader Pelosi in our call to Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, Chairman Issa and all House Republicans to demand that women be brought to the table when discussing women’s health issues. Help us gather 50,000 signatures before Congress heads home tomorrow.”

NARAL Pro-Choice America also had something to say in response to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform denying a female law student from testifying on the importance of access to birth control. This is insult to injury considering the hearing panel consists of 10 people, 8 of whom are men.

NARAL’s president Nancy Keenan issued this statement:

“Just when you think the U.S. House of Representatives could not be more ridiculous, here comes a hearing on contraception to which women are not allowed to talk about the importance of birth control. When it comes to women’s health and privacy, the committee would rather listen to eight men than one woman who supports contraception.”

Democrats and women of America, get off your ass and get moving. The attack on Planned Parenthood was just the beginning. The Republicans are already working toward winning as much governmental power as they can in 2012. If they win, the women and the poor of America will pay the price.

*** On Twitter, use the hashtag term #waronwomen or #wherearethewomen to join the debate! ***

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