DailyOJ 11-17-11: More Sensations & Prostate Anatomy Info

November 17, 2011

(*In response to a question about  the need to urinate during sex,more info requested on female ejaculation, and to explain what I meant by “She-spot.” *)

On the subject of urination and female ejaculation — Female ejaculate is not urine (but urine is sterile anyway); it’s the same plasma fluid like from the guys prostate — minus the little swimmers, of course.

And, yes, I call that super sensitive area on the anterior wall of my vagina my She-spot, or the female prostate.  The “G” of “G-spot” stands for “Grafenberg,” a male doctor.  I refuse to name that very sacred part of me after a man — no offense to any males who read this.  I mean, would you want the scientific community to call your penis “Mildred?”  My She-Spot and I rest our case.

Having intimate knowledge of my vagina, I have gone back to hands-only solo sex because I really want to enjoy the changes that happen inside — especially the vice-grip action that occurs by the clitoral cuff near orgasm.  THAT’S AWESOME! 😀

I had been using a vibe just to have an orgasm and enjoy the after effects of being relaxed and to get sleepy at nighttime.  This last year of my life has been a monsoon of stress, and I felt like I had died inside — from years of a miserable marriage when I didn’t want to be sexual in any way, shape, or form.  Since reclaiming my life, I am reclaiming my sexuality.

Hands in and on my girly bits have rekindled the fires inside.  I truly love the way the prostate’s spongy tissues change inside.  The She-Spot might not even be noticeable when you first stimulate the anterior wall, but it grows to a little pebble (always makes me think of the story, “The Princess and the Pea”).  She can get bigger, to the size of a walnut in some women (just as that part of the male prostate grows when stimulated), and the spongy area gets more ridgy.  Some women have described the feeling like corrugated cardboard, but I prefer to think of it like corduroy, or a small moist yet hard maze — a labyrinth of pleasure just wanting and waiting to be stimulated.

You can feel how aroused a woman is by noting these changes, especially if she is too timid to talk, or if she’s at the point where speaking is kinda not possible from all the great feelings swirling inside.  And I do believe that that urination feeling is what keeps a lot women from opening up to orgasms.  All the plumbing is connected, so feelings will crossover — like the accidental good feelings in the anal area which really freak some women out.

Just remind her that her body is hers, and you only want to help her discover all the great potential her body has for orgasms — for HER.  Let her know you understand the human body makes weird sounds and releases all sorts of fluids, and it’s natural, and that you don’t care… (I’m assuming you don’t. 🙂 )…

And BTW… I’m trying really hard NOT to do anything today.  I’m sticking to sensual touching, which I’m finding very, very pleasant, especially the breasts’ area and the outer labia… just wish it weren’t my day off from sex… GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  (haha)

P.S. On the subject of female ejaculation

It seems that, for females, any noticeable fluid release during and/or after orgasm can be classified as ejaculate.  In which case, I definitely qualify.  This is probably what leads some women to think they get “too wet” during/after sex.  And I myself have been told that I get “too wet,” and the guy feels it’s too slick in there, i.e., not enough friction — to which, I say, “Oh, well, too bad.”   So it’s not just the gushing geyser of female power fluids that counts as having female ejaculated!  But I’m still looking forward to the day when I can change my middle name to “Ol’ Faithful.”

Aroused and journaling,

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