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I am a trained singer, proficient in Broadway, Jazz, Irish, Rock, and other styles, as well as a composer, arranger, and production stage manager.

I only perform paid gigs.

I get hired to play different kinds of music depending on the venue, therefore, my song choices are the most eclectic you will find. I do not sing the “same ol', same ol'” as other bands. With my band, I play private events as well as public spaces. I am available for corporate events and travel.

I am a singer, writer, composer, workshop presenter, voice teacher, and audition coach. As an activist, I am a dedicated human rights activist.

The topics I address in my activism usually find their way into my original music works and original writings.

Please peruse the PRESS KIT full information. For interviews or other media requests, please email: Press.

~ trish

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Trish Causey -
                                                Original Music

Trish has composed several works, plus stand-alone songs and songs for other, non-musical works, such as a novel and a screenplay.

Trish's music composition style is rooted in Broadway, with operatic leanings and hints of jazz, Irish, Middle Eastern, and other cultural flavors. She calls her compositional style, “Broad'pera”:

  • WITCHCRAZE, a two-act musical set during the 1692 Salem witch trials, explores women's rights, basic freedoms, and tolerance for those who are “different”;
  • TWO HEARTS is a one-act opera that deals with LGBT issues and the complexity of being accepted as a bisexual within the LGBT community;
  • HERSTORY is a musical for children that highlights various women who affected world events but many are never mentioned in Western-centric, Euro-centric his-story books;
  • VOICES ON THE WIND tackles issues faced by American Indians on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota (VOTW is a screenplay for which Trish composed several songs);
  • VOCALISES 1.0 is a vocal warm-up CD for trained and experienced singers that replaces the boring scales of yesteryear;
  • AWAKENING is a meditation track that can also be used with Causey's online Tantra Yoga course, AWESOMTM.

Trish also performs regularly with her group, The Trish Causey Band, for public and private events locally and out-of-state. Some of these performances are available on YouTube. More will be filmed in 2017. Scroll down to see the "Gigs" and the Broadway showtunes covers' video below.

Also, in the works is Trish's debut album
ÉIREANNACH, which will feature traditional Irish songs arranged in Trish's unique style she calls "global, deep-fried Irish" music. See the press release for ÉIREANNACH in the Press Kit area (above).

Click the YouTube video below to hear a few samples of Trish's original. Also, click the download icon next to each title to view the corresponding .PDF of the score.

FEMALE O - 1. Opening
Trish Causey - FEMALE O - 1.


Trish Causey - REQUIEM FOR
                                    JUDAS AND MARY M.

HERSTORY - "Women in Combat"

Trish Causey - HERSTORY -
                                    "Women in Combat"

WITCHCRAZE - "Soaring"
Trish Causey - WITCHCRAZE -

WITCHCRAZE - "Finale Ultimo"

Trish Causey - WITCHCRAZE -
                                    "Finale Ultimo"



Trish: 1) St. Paddy's Day gig 2014, 2) St. Paddy's Day gig #1, 2016, 3) Trish's favorite t-shirt.

Trish Causey - Irish pub gigs

1) Trish Causey with Garland Kelley, Irish pub gig 2014, and 2) The Trish Causey Band at a private event in New Orleans, LA: Eyler Coates, CJ LoPresto, and Billy Marter.

Trish Causey - Music Gigs: Public
              & Private

1) & 2) Various gigs at the local Irish pub. 3) Trish with Amy, co-owner of the pub, 2015.

Trish Causey - Music Gigs: Public
              & Private

The Trish Causey Band utilizes several great guitarists in rotation. 1) Kelly Thibault, 2016, and 2) Garland Kelley, 2015.

Trish Causey - Music Gigs: Public
              & Private

Random photos of Trish. 1) With Chipmunk the Squirrel, 2) Going to a friend's birthday dinner, 3) Lion's mane.

Trish Causey - Music Gigs: Public
              & Private

Gigs: 1) Broadway Bar & Grill with Cherie Cruso on piano, Sept. 2015, 2) Guest Vocalist for inaugural Coast Jazz Society gig, Oct. 2015, and 3) Recording covers/demos for YouTube.

Trish Causey - Music Gigs: Public
              & Private

1) Trish at Irish pub, 2) Trish with TCB member and bass/harp/bagpipes player, Eyler Coates, 3) At home on the keyboard.

Trish Causey - Music Gigs: Public
              & Private

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