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Trish Causey is an ArtistActivist, devoting her life to the arts, various activist issues, and being an agent for change and awakening.

Trish is a professional singer and award-winning composer currently working on her first album, Eireannach, which will feature Irish songs done in Trish's unique style she calls "global, deep-fried Irish".

She is an author and Broadway journalist, interviewing Tony Award winners, Broadway stars, and the best coaches in the Musical Theatre industry. She is also a proud feminist, sexual health advocate, rabid intactivist, and human rights/civil rights activist.

Trish is the creator of AWESOM, an online training course based on ancient Tantrik principles and modern knowledge of anatomy and sexual function. As a survivor of sexual abuse and PTSD, Trish understands the importance of healing the self and the soul.


I am an ArtistActivist, and I express my creativity in my work as a singer, writer, composer, director, community organizer, radio host, YouTube video-maker, tantrika, and life coach. My artistic works are usually connected to an element of social awareness, to plant the seed for change and tolerance in the hearts and minds of the audience. My work incorporates human rights issues as well as my staunch feminism to end the shame surrounding women, our bodies, our rights, and sex, while also creating awareness about sexual trauma and the ensuing PTSD many survivors experience. I believe the First Amendment is non-negotiable, and I work to protect our basic freedoms of speech, religion, and expression. My artistic work spans several genres, from Musical Theatre and modern opera to jazz and Irish music, from stand-alone songs to non-vocal works. My activism is compiled under my moniker, ArousedWoman, because “arouse” means “to stir to action, to awaken”. Whether creating a stage musical or working for the ACLU, my art and my activism are synonymous.

I have learned to listen to the voices in my head when they talk or sing. The music I hear is usually complete in concept and the “why” but not always in the “how”. I sit quietly and allow the dialogue or the songs to play out in my head. I know it's good when I see a dance performance in my mind's eye while hearing the music consuming every other part of me. When I'm ready to solidify the words, lyrics, or melody, I start longhand on notebook paper. I know what the sound wants to be – full orchestral or piano only, operatic Musical Theatre or 1930's French cabaret jazz. As I put ideas on paper or allow the music to seep into my hands at the piano, other sounds and information make themselves known – that oboe really wants a cello for a friend, that belty, rock-opera tune needs Middle Eastern drums to drive it home.

The cultural influences on my life tend to wind their way into all of my pieces. My background in singing Musical Theatre, opera, jazz, and Irish music is then juxtaposed by my background in dancing: ballet, theatrical, belly dancing, ethnic European dancing, and Andalucian/Flamenco. Currently, my music is influenced by my teaching as a tantrika yogini with a deep interest in India, Indian culture, and music. My upcoming meditation CD, Awakening, is an accompaniment piece to my online tantrik course, AWESOM.

My musicals are all about women's rights and women's issues: Witchcraze is a full-stage, two-act musical set during the 1692 Salem witch trials and written in my style I call “Broad'pera”, amix of Broadway and opera styles of music and performance. Herstory is a musical for children that explores women who affected world his-story but not always the history textbooks, utilizing a range of popular music styles to keep kids' interest. My Requiem for Judas and Mary M covers the controversial findings in the Gospels of Judas and Mary Magdalene, to be sung in concert style. I am also arranging the songs for my album of Irish music, Eireannach, that features a few traditional tunes but really showcases my particular music style I call “global, deep-fried Irish”.

I have other projects in-the-works and on the proverbial back-burner. As long as social justice and human rights need to be addressed, I will always have work to do. As I learn more skills, particularly in creating and orchestrating music, I will seek out opportunities in other genres to reach even more people, to plant more seeds of tolerance, hope, and awakening.

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