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Trish Causey is an ArtistActivist, devoting her life to the arts, various activist issues, and being an agent for change and awakening.

Trish is a professional singer and award-winning composer currently working on her first album, Eirean
nach, which will feature Irish songs done in Trish's unique style she calls "global, deep-fried Irish".

She is an author and Broadway journalist, interviewing Tony Award winners, Broadway stars, and the best coaches in the Musical Theatre industry. She is also a proud feminist, sexual health advocate, rabid intactivist, and human rights/civil rights activist.

November 2016, Trish started Trish Causey Productions to bring her arts and activism vision to the stage. 

Trish is also the creator of AWESOM, an online training course based on ancient Tantrik principles and modern knowledge of anatomy and sexual function. As a survivor of sexual abuse and PTSD, Trish understands the importance of healing the self and the soul.

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